Things that suck in games that went to OT

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by PCHawk, Mar 21, 2017.

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    Just rewatched the TCU game and there was a lot of "damn the luck" moments that really make you think what if. Here's my list.

    1 - Jok stepping on the line twice on 3's.
    2 - A 3 step travel turning into a 3 pt play.
    3 -Wagner and Cook going 1-6 from the line to start the 2nd half.
    4 - Jok missing a free throw.
    5 - Bohannon missing a free throw.
    6 - TCU misses a free throw just to get the rebound and make a 3.
    7 - Baer making a hustle play that ended up costing us a point on a flagrant.
    8 - completely losing track of a guy and giving up a 3 to end the half.

    So many random things that went against us that cost us a point here and a point there. Those were the ones that made me cringe the most rewatching it. As bad as Wagner and Cook were at the line, that bothered me the least of all the things I listed.
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    What bothered me the most was that we lost.
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    They need to look at the flagrant rule. So Baer didn't come close enough to the ball when he fouled the guy because he was slightly too far away to give the impression that he was going for the ball. The rule is you have to give the impression you're going for the ball when you foul at the end of games even though everyone and their sister knows they're really just trying to foul, stop the clock and hope the other team misses their FTs.

    It's silly to try and base a foul trying to divine what the intention of a player is, when you know dang well, the intention is to intentionally foul.
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    Snort......that's basketball.
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