this cant happen!!!

Discussion in 'Football' started by BergHawk7, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. BergHawk7

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    Just heard on the murph and andy show, Nebraska is targeting Brett Bielema for their next head coach. Brett needs to be iowa's next coach, I cant stress that wnough. If he goes to nebby, then the odds of brett coming back to iowa are slim to none. And we can also expect Nebraska to become significantly better, much like Wisconsin was.

    Unless theres a chance we can get bob stoops, which is highly unlikely, I dont trust anyone else to be iowa's next coach, and expect to have success under him.

    Bielema needs to stay in Arkansas, KF needs to retire after next year, and then barta needs to make the right decision and bring Bielema home, no one else.
  2. hwk23

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    Barta needs to be fired ASAP. Jeez, there can't be much worse news. My #1 pick for KFs replacement is going to the DBs at Nebraska and they will win with him.
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  3. thetrza

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    Targeting? Fifteen yard penalty targeting? One Game suspension Targeting?
  4. cincyhawk

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    It's too late. Like many other things in Iowa athletics history in my lifetime, the opportunity was there for a split-second, then passed, and by the time Iowa reached for it, was long gone.

    This is looking like Ferentz over Stoops all over again.
  5. azhawkeyefan

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    If this were to happen it would be a major kick in the nuts to Iowa
  6. hawkforlife9

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    I heard Brett had his tatoo removed.
  7. CaneHawk62

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    There is no way I would leave the SEC for a Big Ten University. Ohio State may go 12-1 and not make the playoff, why would you want to come back. He is just getting Arkansas going. Personally I think they need to hire Diaco from Connecticut or Brian Ferentz, a young guy with some energy to get this program going.

  8. hawkforlife9

    hawkforlife9 Well-Known Member

    Nebraska > Arkansas! I would say he would stand a better chance at National Championship at Arkansas, but Nebby better job.
  9. thetrza

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    I don't get it. Why does't Bret understand that he is our official "backup girlfriend" in case our girlfriend breaks up with us without notice. I thought this was in his contract with Arkansas after our AD secretly got him to leave Wisconsin two years ago.
  10. cincyhawk

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    No more Ferentz's please. The father had to succeed on his own so is likely of higher quality stuff than his son, who pretty much rode his father's coattails through every major experience in his career as a player and a coach. No thanks.
  11. David79

    David79 Well-Known Member

    I seriously doubt that would happen.
  12. nationalchamps

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    No way this happens. He's going to have a damn good team next year at Arkansas. He's taking a page out of Kurt's playbook for a raise.
  13. cincyhawk

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    How do you put up with a backup girlfriend? There's all the risk and no reward...
  14. PCHawk

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    The odds of going 12-1 and sneaking into the playoffs or going undefeated at Nebraska or iowa are a lot better than ever ending up with a good enough record to get in at Arkansas.
  15. hawkforlife9

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  16. HawkinCarroll

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    I'd argue he would have a better shot at a national title at Nebraska than Arkansas. At Arkansas you have to get through LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Texas A&M, and two improving Mississippi schools just to get to the conference title game.

    At Nebraska he has to beat Wisconsin and Iowa. Then its basically a one-game playoff (in Indy) to get to the playoffs.
  17. hawkforlife9

    hawkforlife9 Well-Known Member

    I agree.... BIG West may be the easiest route to NC. This year is perfect example. Does Wisky get a look if they smoke Ohio State?
  18. Rifler

    Rifler Well-Known Member

    Don't see it. Pelini got fired because he was an idiot. Why would Nebraska hire another Fred Flintstone clone?... Kind of hope this actually happens though as it makes it much more difficult for Bielema to find his way back to Iowa City in 2-3 years when KF finally pulls the plug.....
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  20. TheIowaHawkGuy

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    With this and the Stoops to Michigan rumors, Barta is probably nervous someone may poach Kirk from him for making yet another bowl game and will announce an extension for Kirk!