This team is bad...

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by WestCoastHawk, Nov 8, 2018.

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    Theyre playing what I think is a final four team. And one of their key players is sabotaging their shot. Iowa is at least top 32 in NCAA. I'm pretty excited to see what they can develop into next year.

    Why don't you root for a team that pays their players?
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    Iowa playbook
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    au contraire . . . we are . . .

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    I wish we paid our players
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    And now what?
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    Just a reminder
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    Hmm don't think we're bad..just on the edge... nearly sweet 16 caliber. which if you look at our ranking most of the years is about right.
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    1998-99 final game lineup for Sweet 16 game:
    Starters: JRKoch (sr), DOliver(so), JSettles(sr), JBauer(sr), KMcCausland(sr)
    Bench: Guy Rucker(Jr), JJaacks(Jr), RLuersmann(Jr), JoeyRange(Fr)
    Other than Oliver's ability (and this was his Soph yr, not Sr) - talent level not much different, is it?

    Does current staff have a shooting coach (Gary Close was)?
    Is running a system (Flex offense & patterned fast break) more effective w/ this talent level?

    Interesting finding that 4 of Big 10 (11 teams) had wins vacated due to violations that yr.
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    LOL. Tennessee gave us the gift of overtime.
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    A top 32 team is above average so they can’t be bad.

    Quit trying to defend your foolish post earlier in the year.
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    Hey Nancy, Quit your bitchin. Iowa was fierce today. Lost a close one against a great team
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    For once why don't you give a little bit of credit to this team , yes Tenn stumbled some in the 2nd half and a good part of that was because of Iowa , BUT these kids busted their rear ends the entire 2nd half against better athletes and team , they left everything on the floor and that's about all you can ask of a team win or lose , I was proud of their 2nd half effort