Tiger admits to cheating, why is he not DQ'd? Should he DQ himself?

Discussion in 'Professional Sports' started by SayHawkKid, Apr 13, 2013.

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    OK? I am fine with that.
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    Sorry for being an A-hole man. I was having a bad day and got mad over nothing.
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    DW, your opinion still means nothing to me, if that counts for anything. Ya A-hole.
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    Per the rules Tiger should not have been DQ'd, he did something unknowingly. He signed a correct scorecard at the end of his round, but obviously later it was determined he hit an illegal shot. The penalty is a 2-shot penalty for hitting the shot from the improper spot.

    The rule that prevents him from being DQ'd is actually a progressive rule, something golf isn't very familiar with and it is a good one. The fact that there is no rules judge walking with him at the Masters like other Major tournaments, or a lot of other tournaments the rules committee actually put itself in this whole predicament. Had that been the case the rules judge with the group would have informed Tiger of the illegal drop and he would have had to drop it again prior to shooting another shot, so there would have been no penalty in the first place.

    I find it amazing how people are still flipping out over this; had it been any golfer not named Tiger Woods, this would be a non-topic.
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    Because he is and it isn't the first time he has looked the part when discussing Tiger.
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    I would like these guys to name one that would. When they played they would have been disqualified, the fact that the PGA softened a rule is what is the topic worth talking about here.

    It is absurd to say a guy would have taken themselves out of the tournament. The question I have is how many people has this happened to before who would have loved to have this rule in play when they got disqualified.
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    Headline = Photos show Tiger Woods may not have deserved a two-stroke penalty

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    That bad bounce and penalty look pretty significant now....

    Even yhen Tiger still had his chances...needed to putt a touch better.

    The asshat announcers "he's just a little off his game and these other boys are on" ....soooo even after 4 strokes lost on one hole and below avg play on the front 9 today...he comes up 4 short....I guess his "off" play is still the best.
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    Dang happy for Scott. Good dude and he deserves it.
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    Yep, Adam seems to be the real deal. Gotta pull for someone like that.