Tiger Woods- stick a fork in him!

Discussion in 'Professional Sports' started by iahawk20, Aug 6, 2010.

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    Exactly right.
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    It is definitely a young man's game. The game of golf is an incredibly demanding sport...

    1. they have to walk the course for 4 days in a row.
    2. their caddies carry their bags
    3. their caddies hold an umbrella for them when it rains so they don't get to wet or when the sun is shining to hot
    4. sometimes they have to play on humid days, other times they have to play in perfect weather
    5. some golfers are in magnificent shape and have bellies as big as mine (well we won't go that far). Just joking...I realize their body fat has to be minimal to play golf and that all pros need are in TOP shape to compete
    6. they require complete silence or they cannot take the shot (unlike a 15-year old high school kid trying to win state bb championship with no time on the clock at the free throw line with 15,000 people screaming and 1/4 of the arena waving stuff in front of him). I can see where a golfer needs more concentration than that kid does...THEN if the golfer hears a camera shutter go off, the golfer gets upset because it threw off his concentration.

    So at 35 or whatever age Tiger is I can't imagine he will play in majors for more than 15 years or more. So he only has about 15 years or so to win a few more majors. Now maybe that is pushing it but considering that Watson could have won a major this past year but missed a put on the 18th and he is not in and wasn't in Wood's class as a young golfer, is it really all that hard to believe that Wood's might not win another five or six majors (or whatever he needs to surpass Nicklaus) in the next 15 years. One or two good years in the next 5 years could get him very close.
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    If you have ever had a bad break up or divorce you know the answer to that question. The first year after your devastated then as time goes on and you heal you bounce back. I can't see this "fall from grace" lasting more than 2 years. Like I said he still has 15 years of pro golf left that's a hell of a long time to rebound mentally.
  4. iahawk20

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    Tiger finished Saturday at +11 for the tourney. He was +5 on the day and now sits alone in 78th place out of 80 golfers.

    Phil will be #1 in the world after this week with the way he is playing, currently a shot off the lead.
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    Tiger Woods will probably end up choosing Sean Foley as his next swing coach, who also lives in Florida. Sean Foley is Sean O'Hair swing coach who is good friends with Tiger. I also won't be shocked if he and his caddie part ways at the end of the season. I think Tiger Woods knows he needs to clean his house and start fresh.

    Sean Foley is a Canadian golf instructor who has coached Sean O'Hair [1], Hunter Mahan, Stephen Ames and Parker McLachlin, among other PGA Tour professionals. He coaches Justin Rose since the end of 2009[2]. Foley is the head coach for Canadian Junior Golf Association since 2003, and teaches at Core Golf Junior Academy at Orange County National, Winter Garden, Florida.
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    True, but this is more than just a bad break up/divorce. His public image is completely opposite of what it was before all of this. What few friends he had in his sport are turning their backs on him (only Bubba Watson, really, is still with him).

    He's on an absolute island, with no rescue in sight. Not saying he can't bounce back, but I do agree with the OP...it will be an absolute miracle. He is a shadow of his former self, and looks really, really bad (not just golf I'm talking about either).
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    Stick a fork in Tiger Woods!

    He is done!

    He is in the bottom 3 at the Bridgestone.
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    Re: Stick a fork in Tiger Woods!

    Um, this belongs in the Off Topic forum, not the football forum.
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    Re: Stick a fork in Tiger Woods!

    That post is off topic.
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    Re: Stick a fork in Tiger Woods!

    I hate Tiger Woods, but he will be back.
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    Re: Stick a fork in Tiger Woods!

    or controversial....depending on your take on tigger....

    oh, the category police are numerous on hn.com......
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    People hate winners. Tiger wins again this year, and will end up breaking jacks record. You can take it to the vault.
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    Re: Stick a fork in Tiger Woods!

    Was he on a moped?
  14. iahawk20

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    Interesting take. Tiger has given people many reasons to hate him...he is and was a fraud.
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    I loved Foley's work as a motivational speaker.
  16. Hawke

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    He was a fraud as a faithful husband, but not as a great golfer. He may not beat the Nicklaus' record but I believe he will turn his game around. Don't stick a fork in him as he isn't done.
  17. iahawk20

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    It is more than him being unfaithful. Everything he claimed to be = fraud. He will win occasionally on tour again, i dont doubt that. He will never break the record Jack holds.
  18. HawkPrdatr40

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    Just curious on the Everything he claimed to be comment. I think he claims to be a Great Golfer does that = Fraud. :confused: I honestly don't think I ever heard Tiger claim to be nothing more than a Golfer.

    You also acknowledge he will win occasionally on tour, so if that is true, how about 5 occasional Majors. Guess what he breaks Jack record. The bottomline is it's just way to early to claim he won't break Jack's record. Way to early.

    It's pretty clear that Tiger plays at another level come major time a level that still can win as evidence of his results in the 3 majors played this year. Right now Tiger's heart isn't into Golf, I certainly don't think it's because is golf game is declining.
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    You do realize that from June 1967 until July 1970, the Golden Bear did NOT win a major?

    Tiger has not won a major in, what, 18 months? There is no doubt he will win again. May not be in 2010, but it is going to happen. When you are one of the 2 or 3 best players the sport of golf has seen you know how to battle through.

    Just throwing that out there as food for thought.
  20. hawkeyemark

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    Thanks to all here for a rather interesting discussion. I don't know if he came across this way to others, but something about Tiger always struck me as not very real- the trophy wife, the picture perfect public image, etc. I can't say that I say that I saw his downfall coming but what has happened to him doesn't seem particulary surprising either. The fact that he rushed back into tournament golf so soon to me shows a bit of a character defecit as he obviously doesn't seem ready yet to move on with that part of his life.

    No amount of money nor past success can ease the pain of mental torment. Tiger has brought it all on himself and I suspect he has a very difficult road ahead of him for some time to come.