Tiger Woods- stick a fork in him!

Discussion in 'Professional Sports' started by iahawk20, Aug 6, 2010.

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    5 wins including at least 1 major
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    3 Wins 0 Majors
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    He may get one win this season, he is good enough to do that. I still think he is done, the best of him is far behind him.

    Classy move spitting on the green this weekend.

    The fall of Tiger continues....
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    so i am not supposed to spit my sunflower seed shells onto the green?
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    The reason why Tiger won all those majors was because of how much better he was than everyone else on the greens. I can't believe steroids had anything to do with it.

    The spitting incident was not good. But in the several tourneys I've been to, I've noticed that there are more than a few players that act like a-holes when they're not playing well. Tiger always has a large gallery and it seems like every one of his shots and putts is on TV even when it's not going well for him. So every mistep is going to be noticed. When others are out of contention, they're not going to be on TV, so you don't see their pouting, swearing or other bad behavior.

    An earlier post talked about Nicklaus, Palmer, Hogan and Watson not winning much beyond a certain age. That was a different era; those guys really didn't do a lot in the way of physical conditioning. Palmer smoked like a chimney, Jack had a beer belly, and Hogan had a devastating car accident. And Watson, well he's still competitive. I believe golfers now will be successful into their 40s if they can avoid the yips.
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    Still waiting :)
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    this post is looking quite good these days.
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    Is this the same vault that Fran has our mystery recruit in? ;)
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    I still think those who think Tiger won't win another major are delusional.

    What Chosen said is exactly right Tiger has 4 to 5 good years left. That is 20 majors. No way in hell he posts a goose egg.

    On Tiger breaking Jack's record. The talent level is much better now then when Tiger was steamrolling the competition. If Tiger does Break Jack's record that will be one hell of an accomplishment considering the talent pool now.
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    I completely agree. He just finished 5th at the masters, and was tied for the lead for part of the final round. He brings his best to major tournaments.
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    It would not be the first time I have been called delusional :) Agree on the competition, wow is golf full of some very good young players.
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    Not sure I agree here. I was looking at the top 10 rankings today and if you take out Tiger and Phil, only one person (Kaymer) has won a major - and he's only won once.
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    When Tiger was steamrolling opponents, he was at or near the top of the heap in talent, physical strength, work ethic, and mental toughness. Tiger had the aura about him that made all other players crumble under the pressure on Sunday.

    Now, Tiger is older, has a creaky knee (4 surgeries), is a mental shell of his former self, has lost his father, and has been publicly humiliated.

    On top of all that, we have a new generation of golfers who grew up with a dominant Tiger and are not afraid.

    Tiger may win more majors and, if he screws his head on straight, could still challenge Jack's record. But the window of opportunity is closing fast, and winning is no longer the certainty it once was.

    And I think golf is much better off for it.
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    +1 Been waiting to hear my sentiments exactly and here it is!!
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    Tiger is having a tough time even staying healthy...poor fella.
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    Sorry, but not buying that what so ever. "If you have ever had a bad break up or divorce"? If you've ever been in a committed relationship where you actually care about the other person you don't do the stuff that he did. I'd buy it if you left it at "if you've ever lost that much money going through a divorce", but face it his marriage meant nothing to him. He deserves everything he gets.
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