Tiger Woods- stick a fork in him!

Discussion in 'Professional Sports' started by iahawk20, Aug 6, 2010.

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    He'll be back with his A game. You'll see, you'll all see.
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    trapperjon, patiently waiting 2 years to stick it to iahawk20 :D
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    Yeah, i guess:D...just remembered the 'stick a fork' post and all the peoplesayin he was done as if he had no game left. It did take him a while. I still think he breaks Jack's 18 majors barring injury.
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    Not going to happen. Injuries or not.
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    As always time will tell.

    Tiger's 36 and Jack won 6 majors after he was 35. Competition may be tougher now but I still think there is time. Remember Jack had off years too (68-70) When Tiger is on he dominates the game. If he can get back to that place & stay there for a few years, he'll make a run at Jack.
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    Bwahaha. Seriously...only took two years to see his "best" again. Tiger is not going to touch Jack's major record. Good for him winning the Memorial, he is still a mere shadow of what he once was...just as I said 2 years ago. His best is well behind him.
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    Yeah, because I'm sure you would bounce back in a couple weekends from all Tiger went through during those two years. I'm not saying he didn't bring it on himself, but you'd be hard pressed to find any golfer who wouldn't take a long time to bounce back from that, if they succeeded at all.

    And I highly doubt Jack was at his peak physically when he was winning majors after age 35, either. When you possess the level of talent that a Jack, Arnie, or Tiger does, not being at YOUR peak doesn't mean you aren't still better than your competition.
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    Poor Tiger. I mean WTF? He brought all of this on himself. Very few other golfers...hell anyone...makes decisions as pathetic as Tiger did. Good for him for winning, no one can take this away. However, his two years of misery is a result of nothing more than his own actions. He may win a few here and there but the man is far from close to the best. Just as I said two years ago...stick a fork in Tiger....maybe u can come back again in 2014 after his next win and tell me I am wrong!
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    Love that this thread still has life. Tiger isn't done winning. Not quite sure what you mean IA20 by not going to touch Jack? Tiger is 4 majors shy of Jack so I would say he is within touch. IMO your way overboard with the negativity.

    Tiger has won 2 times this year. He will not have to wait 2 more years for his victory. If you honestly believe that please PM me so we can wager some money.
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    You apparently don't read too well. I clearly said he brought it all on himself. That doesn't make it any less difficult to overcome. You don't have to root for him, but don't pretend that there weren't some big obstacles in front of him...self-imposed or otherwise.

    But that's probably too much to expect from someone like you.
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    Jack 18 majors
    Tiger 14 majors

    It's not out of reach. Also, Tiger just tied Jack with his 73rd win overall. You better pray Tiger never gets on another roll. I suppose you hate every person who screwed up their marriage huh? If celebrities didn't screw up their marriages life wouldn't be normal. ;)
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    You do realize Jack Nicklaus won a major at 46? Phil is still playing well at 40. Tom Brady has a kid out of wedlock, Chipper Jones got a Hooter's waitress pregnant while he was married to someone else, people eff up it is part of life. To think he won't flirt with Jack's all time majors record is silly.
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    Tiger will overtake Jack in major wins before he is done. He simply has too much competitive fire. Along with all he has had to deal with in his personal life, he has completelty tore down his swing and rebuilt it. Try that sometime, see how you get along, if any of you hacks have one. LOL
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    Tiger will get the records. He is relaxed and playing well. He has his distractions in the past. He has no wife to answer to, only his kids and self. He has shown poise in spite of his errors and is on mission again. Besides, if his competition is going to come from kids like ricky fowler, they had better do better than +12 when paired up with Tiger.
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    I absolutely dont think he wins 4 more majors. I realize a nice win has brought out 2 years of complete silence from all of the Tiger lovers. Really hilarios to see!
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    Poor Tiger. Just a man that is beating the odds, right? Classic dude, you having a pity party for Tiger. I have seen it all! LMAO!
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    Me not liking Tiger has nothing to do his lifestyle off the course. Dont care. Yet unlike TM I wont throw a party for him coming back and beating the odds lol.
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    As I said, I dont care about what he did...not why I like or dislike someone. No one is perfect.

    However, yep he chose his actions of screwing porn stars, etc. So unlike some of you I dont feel sorry for him...HE made his own living hell and it probably made for a rough time.