Tiger Woods- stick a fork in him!

Discussion in 'Professional Sports' started by iahawk20, Aug 6, 2010.

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    I heard Nicklaus say that too. Looking into it further it looks as though the reason he stated was mental fatigue:

    Phil Mickelson withdraws at Memorial; Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy climb back - CBS News

    I say it was cause he shot a 79 and felt like quitting. I not sure what it is, but something bugs me about Phil. Maybe the same aversion ia20 has for Tiger.

    However, I'm not ready to stick a fork in Phil yet;)
  2. Section136

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    Oh if you say so, that must be teh reason. :rolleyes:
  3. Bond007

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    Tiger just picked up win #3 of the season. Passed Jack for total wins.
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    Congrats on the 2 day late bump.
  5. DuffMan

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    tiger is now oficially the greatest golfer of all time. in todays game.jack wouldnt be near the player he is. hed be lucky to have more than ten majors.
  6. DuffMan

    DuffMan Well-Known Member

    tiger is now oficially the greatest golfer of all time. in todays game.jack wouldnt be near the player he is. hed be lucky to have more than ten majors.
  7. superfan12

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    You double tappin' fool :cool:
  8. DuffMan

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    hes twice the golfer jack is
  9. Golfer

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    I don't know about twice the golfer. But the fields are much deeper now. Of course the equipment is much better also.

    I rate them as equally great. But I don't think Jack wins all the tournaments in present day golf where up to 100 golfers have a legitimate shot at winning every weekend.

    Yeak, I know you were joking. I'm bored, so what the hell?
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  11. KansasHawkeye

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    Really? That's your best retort (look it up in the dictionary)?
  12. HawkPrdatr40

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    I still find this thread comical. Tiger Woods is years away from the fork. IA20 just doesn't like Woods and would like to believe Woods was done.

    Duff is also right that there is much more competition now than when Jack played and that isn't even close.
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  13. KansasHawkeye

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    Amazing what steriods can do for you, you can rack up quite a body of ill-gotten gains.
  14. trapperjon

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    Link? People have speculated that Tiger has done this but where is the proof?
  15. droidhawk

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    I think you put jack in his prime with this equipment and he'd be right there. Don't forget jack was up against Arnold palmer, Ben Hogan and the likes. That said, I think jack believes tiger is better. I trust jack's opinion. I don't have to like the guy to think he's the greatest ever. Same with Lebron, same with Jordan
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    Ben Hogan? Really?:)
  17. HawkPrdatr40

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    You do realize that Hogan was 50 when Jack turned Pro.

    Hogan turned Pro in 1930 and Jack in 1962.. :)
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    you would take whores over your wife????????? :eek:
  19. DuffMan

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    jack was a great player but he did it against far weaker fields. he didnt play agaimst the worlds elite like tiger does. hell back them it wasnt uncommon for a player to not play the brittish open because of the travel. now the best players from around the world play on the pga every week. KJ Choi, Angel Cabrera, World number one Luke Donald, Vijay Sing, Padrig Harrington....

    The list is endless. Go count the number of non us born major winners over the last ten years and do the same for any ten of Jacks career amd get back to me.

    Tiger is much better than Jack.
  20. shonblatt

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    Players Jack had to go up against:
    Arnold Palmer (7 majors)
    Gary Player (9 majors)
    Lee Trevino (5 majors)
    Ray Floyd (4 majors)
    Tom Watson (8)
    Hale Irwin (3)
    Seve Ballesteros (5)
    Also Johnny Miller, Billy Casper, Fuzzy Zoeller, and a host of other excellent players from that era.

    Today's fields are deeper from 1-100, but the top 20 from the 60s and 70s are probably better than today's top 20.

    In addition to Jack's 18 major wins, he had 38 other top 5 finishes in majors. His consistency was astounding.