Tiger Woods- stick a fork in him!

Discussion in 'Professional Sports' started by iahawk20, Aug 6, 2010.

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    Or maybe President's Cup points:

    1 1 Tiger*Woods 21,481,771
    2 2 Brandt*Snedeker 14,967,427
    3 3 Phil*Mickelson 14,314,974
    4 4 Matt*Kuchar 13,961,215
    5 7 Keegan*Bradley 10,207,950
    6 5 Bill*Haas 10,004,542
    7 6 Hunter*Mahan 9,562,588
    8 8 Webb*Simpson 8,522,936
    9 9 Steve*Stricker 8,437,513
    10 12 Zach*Johnson 8,279,362
  2. trapperjon

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    Yep, 'stick a fork in him'. The boy has lost his game....bahahahahaha
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    There is no doubt that when tiger has his whole game together he is # 1. Phil is right there when he has all phases at 100%.

    Driving, hitting fairways, knocking close to the pin, and chipping and putting, Tiger and Phil have the best all around games. Tiger is the one player who can be in the zone the best over 4 rounds. But I noticed at the end of Saturday and most of Sunday last week that tiger started to stop hitting fairways.

    At the pga, Tiger lost his accuracy off the tee and his putting. Aint going to win with that.

    Phil didnt have it from the first tee on thursday.

    But this is the reality of golf where all those swing elements can easily get off by a hundreth of a second or a millimeter. Heck, Adam Scott was hitting the driver great yesterday then hit two crappy drives on 15 and 16.

    Steve Stricker may have lost the US Open on one hole this year when he brain cramped a drive OB and shanked a 3 iron into the rough on the same hole on Sunday while only being 1 shot out of the lead.
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    He has lost his game. The question isn't "is Tiger no longer the best in the world?" He is the best in the world.

    The question is whether or not he's the same player he used to be. He's not - mentally or physically. You're blind if you think this is the same Tiger.
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    Many good points. Iwas just responding to iahawk20 about his good natured ribbing of me concerning his false conclusion 3 years ago that Tiger was washed up.

    Iahawk20: "Looks like Tiger Woods' heart just isn't in it at Bridgestone - News - FOX Sports on MSN

    Tiger now tied for 70th place. This guy is a complete mess mentally and he may never recover. I love the fact that they do not have a cut at Bridgestone so unless he quits he has 2 more days of this.

    I'd love to hear Mr. Jason Miller chime in....he was the biggest Tiger supporter around for years.

    IMO...good riddance!"

  6. trapperjon

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    I'm pretty sure when iahawk20 posted 3 years ago that Tiger was a 'complete mess' and to 'stick a fork in him' because he was 70th at Bridgestone in 2010 that he was sure Tiger would never recover to dominate the game. If placing 1st this year (by a long margin) in all the categories I referenced isn't proof enough that he isn't washed up, well then not sure I can argue it any more convincingly.

    Tiger is not quite the guy he was 10 years ago. He's fell off a bit with age. He still dominates the sport. He is not done. No need for iahawk20's hastiness with his fork.:D
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    Phil wants to know - did you watch the British?
  8. iahawk20

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    Can you point me in the direction of the last major Tiger won? He is a shell of his former self. Just like I sad in 2010....
  9. iahawk20

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    Dominates? Hardly. I conceed he has bounced back nicely, didnt think he would ever get this far. He still is a complete mess come major time, whatever the reason. In reality the best of the best got a lot better and caught up with Tiger...
  10. wundergrape

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    Agreed. He's not dominant.

    He's the best player on tour this year, which he wasn't last year or the year before that.

    He's even separated himself from the pack this year for the first time since 2008.

    But you can't play like he has in majors this year and call a player dominant.

    If that was the case, Brandt Snedeker would be an all-time great (just kidding, of course).
  11. trapperjon

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    When you declared him DOA 3 years ago you did not reference majors in anyway shape or form. You were talking about his performance at Bridgestone. Now you move the goal posts. Now you say you were just talking about Majors. How convenient. If winning 5 events this year, dominating the money list, kicking the fields butt by 7 strokes 2 weeks ago and being #1 in all categories except Ryder Cup points (he's only 2nd there) is not dominant then what is your definition of dominant?

    For that matter, what is your definition of 'Stick a fork in him'?

    As far as majors goes, this year he has been in the hunt in 2 of the 4 majors on the back 9 on Sunday (within 3 strokes) So are you saying he will never win another major? If you are then let's plunk some coin down. He may not be as dominant as he once was, but he is still dominant by any measure. Except majors. Majors were not referenced in your initial post. Just said he was done.

    A 'complete mess'....hardly.
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    I’m back

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