Time for a New Arena?

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by ModebaSan, Mar 28, 2019.

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    There is a Reverse Image Search extention you can use on Chrome and Firefox

    Tineye Reverse Image Search
    is available on both

    Just right click on an image and usually you can choose from different sizes
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    He’s uploading pics from his phone.
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    Somebody smarter than me help hawkdrummer1 out. He’s got some super interesting stuff that we all want to see. He’s gone to a bunch of effort; let’s get this done.
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  4. hawkdrummer1

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    note the mezzanine level

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    There are people in the jungles of New Guinea who have had smartphones longer than me

    Luddite in some areas
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    I just clicked on the thumbnail

    It showed this image

    I right clicked and clicked on copy image
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    View from the upper rim upload_2019-3-29_22-21-31.png
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    next slice, here's the missing concourse level

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  9. HawkeyeHypnosis

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    they either need to change the name of the court to Chris Street Court, could still be sponsored by mediascum, or build a new arena with the Street name.
  10. tksirius

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    Do Amish women attend games in Carver often?
  11. HawksMN

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    Idk but throw them a nice tix discount to sit with the blue hairs, they could knit and mend trowsers and drawers together and make lifetime friends.
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    I knew I’d get a good laugh a few times if I came here today.
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  13. thedukeofearl

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    Hawk fans heading to the concession stand at the half

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    That is a very handy tool
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    You just summed up the typical CHA experience

    BILLBUCKNER Well-Known Member

    I wish that the AD would try seating students behind the bench and give us some kind of homecourt advantage. Why is it everywhere else in the BIG they can do this? Iowa is screwing themselves by not investing in a student experience that will develop the future donors when the current ones assume room temp. Its sad watching the BIG Student section commercial when they show the huge student sections going crazy from other schools and a 1 second glimpse of a lonely Iowa student.Pathetic
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    Move the Hope Lodge and RMDH? That’s pretty cold man.
  19. trj

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    If I understand the behind the scene politics correctly.......There won't be a new arena anytime soon. It will take at least another 10-20 years before a new arena will even be considered. A charismatic AD might be able to pull something off, but we will see once Barta leaves.
  20. Fryowa

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    Why? I didn’t say get rid of them.

    They could both be moved to the open area just south of CHA. Build the new ones before closing the old ones, new facilities with better parking, I don’t see the drawback here.

    So tell me why moving the Hope Lodge and RMDH would be “pretty cold, man.”

    Or are you just looking for something to get triggered about?
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