TJ and Noah at the draft

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    AIRHAWK Well-Known Member

    Are both TJ and Noah going to be in the green room at the draft? Who will be with them? Coaches? Family?
  2. RobHowe

    RobHowe Administrator

    Yes. They will both be there. I'm sure they will bring family. Not sure about coaches. Friday is the last day of spring practice.
  3. revkev73

    revkev73 Well-Known Member

    Hopefully some good national TV time for the Iowa football program!

    Lord, please don't send either to Detroit! Thank you!
  4. ssckelley

    ssckelley Well-Known Member

    Gonna be a lot of talk about Iowa early on Day 1, hopefully it opens a few extra doors for the coaches in the recruiting process.
  5. Jonrn

    Jonrn Well-Known Member

    I saw on twitter the list of head coaches who are going to be present and Kirk was not among them. Bad move IMHO.
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  6. hawkeyebob62

    hawkeyebob62 Well-Known Member

    Because it is the final week--final two days, actually--of Spring practice.
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  7. Jonrn

    Jonrn Well-Known Member

    I’m sure the team would survive if he flew in and out of Nashville on a Thursday night charter flight.

    AIRHAWK Well-Known Member

    KF side by side with those guys in the green room would be great recruiting tool. Leave Iowa City 4pm, home tucked in bed by midnight. Wheels up? Net Jet?
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  9. HawkleberryFinn

    HawkleberryFinn Well-Known Member

    Kirk and Fant's brother will be sitting together, holding hands, with fingers crossed. I hear Kirk is dumbfounded that a "specialty player" is projected for the first round. "We barely even played him the second half against Penn State" said Kirk quizzically. "I don't know what these pro scouts see that I didn't. I coached with Bill Belicek you know! Brian coached with Bill too--got there all on his own of course."
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  10. LGEND24

    LGEND24 Well-Known Member

    It was Northwestern, not Penn State. He also called him a specialist player, so your quote is incorrect. You suck at this game.
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  11. PawkHawk1

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    You're such an asshole. Always.
    You should just be a Debra fan and leave HawkeyeNation.... so tired of you.
    ... blocked
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  12. HawkleberryFinn

    HawkleberryFinn Well-Known Member

    You're was the Northwestern game. In the Penn State game he wasn't targeted once in the first half and sat out 75% of plays inside the 10 and during the final hail mary play. Good correction. Specialty/specialist...potato/potahto. Apparently analyzing the misuse of players is now an offense. I'm guessing you're a millenial? Am I being too cis-gender normative you paper-thin cream puff?
  13. HawkleberryFinn

    HawkleberryFinn Well-Known Member

    I doubt you're really that offended. You just heard they're handing out free douches and Cosmopolitan subscriptions if you block someone before that person can respond. Enjoy...Sally.
  14. Caddy

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    I'm sure Fant wants KF there haha. The very coach that couldn't seem to get the best player on the team on the field and utilize his talent. Instead we're throwing the ball to Nico Ragaini late in the game against NW. Kirk and Brian, the only 2 coaches in the nation that squander the opportunity to fully utilize 2 first round drafts picks at tight end. Genius level shit.
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  15. WinOneThisCentury

    WinOneThisCentury Well-Known Member

    The Fant family should check the butthurtedness at the door. You were a 3 star recruit who has developed into a first round draft choice. Iowa did something right. It was the right choice. Our QB had problems hitting wasn't like he wasn't targeted. Seriously...go watch the games.
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  16. ibahawkeye

    ibahawkeye Well-Known Member

    I hope TJ is still available for the Packers at 12
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  17. Xerxes

    Xerxes Well-Known Member

    That's awfully high for a TE. I think TJ is a great player but TE is still a luxury position in the NFL.
  18. Lumberman

    Lumberman Well-Known Member

    Xerxes hasn’t been paying attention to the narrative out there. Part of the reason the TE is being re-emphasized is the success of offenses like New England (Gronk), KC (Kielce), and even the success of our own George Kittle.

    This is the year of the TE and DE in the draft.
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  19. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    A few things

    • It wasnt Ragaini, it was Max Cooper being targeted on that up pattern, and having no clue how to adjust to the ball in flight.
    • The fact that we have two probable first rounders getting drafted debunks your myth, stated every off-season, that we have no playmakers or coaches who can recruit skill position players.
    • You have two favorite types of players. Future Hawks and former Hawks. Two years from now you will have turned on Goodson just as you are hyping him now. Why? Because in two years he will be, say it with me now, a current Hawk.

    Good to see you back, right on cue with the draft about to take place. You must have spent the past four months hunkered down and bunkered down and trying to figure out how we beat Mississippi State with clueless coaches and no playmakers.
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  20. pythagoras

    pythagoras Well-Known Member

    You're not all that bright are you.
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