Todd Lickliter = Jim Calhoun??

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by HawkeyeRyno, Feb 14, 2010.

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    Per ESPN:

    L's driving Calhoun from coaching?

    UConn supporters held out hopes that the return of coaching legend Jim Calhoun to the Huskies' bench would end a streak that saw the team lose four of five while their leader battled health issues. Not so - make that five of six.

    His team's lack of effort and cohesion was apparent in Saturday's 60-48 loss to Cincinnati, and that seemed to hurt Calhoun more than any health scare could. "Clearly this is a low point in the season," Calhoun said. "The type of effort we gave is not the type of effort you need to win games."

    Calhoun has yet to sign a contract renewal with Connecticut, and the combination of health issues and disappointing on-court results may delay that process further. If Calhoun retires, assistant coach George Blaney might not be the easy answer, in light of his 3-4 record during Calhoun's most recent absence. Calhoun's former top assistant Tom Moore has built Quinnipiac into a winner just a few miles down the road, and could be in the mix if the unthinkable happens.

    Good thing his expectations at UConn are much higher than Lick's at Iowa. Can you imagine if Calhoun was in Lick's situation???!!! He would have retired a long time ago. With all UConn's past success and then to have this "down" year at 14-11 is frustrating him and causing stress???!!
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    I don't know, this Jim Calhoun coaching stint at Northeastern did not drive him out of coaching:

    1973-74 Northeastern 12 11 .522

    1974-75 Northeastern 12 12 .500

    1975-76 Northeastern 12 13 .480

    1976-77 Northeastern 12 14 .462

    1977-78 Northeastern 14 12 .538

    1978-79 Northeastern 13 13 .500
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    Ryno, where did u get that crazy avatar. That sucker really stands out.
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    12 wins would look really good right now.
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    Was bored while watching the Michigan/Iowa game back when and did some photoshop to come up with some Iowa graphics. It has "Iowa Hawkeyes" in the teeth and then a "Tigerhawk" tat! Fits the football team's image. Can't you tell I was bored...
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    Does Lick do color commentary now, too?
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    "Todd, get that jacket off your arm. There's not enough room on the table for it."
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    How long did it take to go back and dig up a 6 year old thread??:eek:
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    Yea, not sure how they can find these things or remember them. Well, they are probably down in the "similar threads" area.