Top Wisconsin Badger WR Quintez Cephus takes leave of absence

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    The junior tweeted a statement in which he claimed he had been “wrongly accused of unlawful conduct,” though he did not say what specific charges he was facing. Cephus said the specific incident occurred in April of this year, that he has been under investigation for more than three months and the allegations were associated with what he claimed to be a “consensual relationship.”
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    Speaking of leave of absence, where have you been?
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    I try to enjoy my summers with family, golf and the outdoors. The Minnesota winters make me appreciate this time of the year. :)
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    Their top WR will be fine. I had a case of Quintez Cephas when I was in college and a little antibiotic cleared it up. Also helped to stay away from chicks that hang out in biker bars.
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    Hopefully the law will sort this out (though I'm not confident that is always the case things appear to be changing for the better). That said, taking a leave sure makes it sound bad.
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    "Kick him off the tour Doug"