Toppin Tops Garza for AP POY Award

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, Mar 24, 2020.

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    It obviously pays to play in a crappy conference with crappy competition.
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    I'm disappointed for Luka. I'm hoping the Naismith and Wooden will swing his way. History shows that probably won't be the case, though.
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    Forgive my ignorance on how these awards are dolled out. But these are totally different groups of people deciding on these right? And do they all count em up around the same time so that like when one is announced they aren't affecting how the others will?
  5. RobHowe

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    There's some overlap in voters. I only participate in the Oscar Robertson Trophy voting as a member of the USBWA.
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    I just read an article saying Toppin could be a Top 5 pick in the draft. 6'9", athletic, can shoot the 3, what's not to like other than the level of his competition. Still it's not a slam dunk he'll make a great pro.

    Where would we see Luka getting drafted at this point? Not Top 5 for sure. 1st round? That might be a stretch. 2 round? My guess is probably somewhere there. What kind of team would draft him? A team with a slower, methodical style of play would be my guess. A lot of team are run and gun and that's not Luka. I'm not enough of an MBA fan to know who those teams are wtiht the methodical styles but I know they are out there.
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    I read another article saying that Luka has until April 26 to declare for the draft. Then, as long as he doesn't hire an agent if he does declare, he has until June 15 at 5 PM EDT to withdraw from the draft and be able to come back and play his final year. If I were him I might check that out. Bottom line, knowing whether or not he's going to come back could really drag on.
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    Some of the AP voters are so stupid, I doubt they even know what defensive metrics are. Two of the idiots didn't even put Luka on the AP 1st Team.
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    Unless things get all messed up because of COVID 19, Luka and JW will both "declare" on or before 4/26. That will allow them to go thru the process of being evaluated, possibly getting invited to the combine, go thru individual workouts for teams, etc. Then I fully expect both of them to withdrawal on or before 6/15 and come back for another season.
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    Is the NBA doing combines and evaluations this year with the pandemic? I had heard somewhere that they may not be doing it this year.
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    Luka is pacing well ahead of Frank Kaminsky, a similar player, at similar stages of their careers and if there is a spot in the NBA for Frank there will definitely be one for Luka.
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