Toren Young Moving On

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Jan 14, 2020.

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    Was not expecting this.
  3. BVHawk95

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    I'm confused by the wording, is he saying he's trying to grad transfer? Or that he's done with football and is gonna focus on academics?

    Either way, he was the older RB I wanted to keep the most. Having a bruiser like him is a great compliment to Goodson's ability, even if the latter is more durable than some of our other "speedy" backs.
  4. Hawkfnntn

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    Dang. And he was the one I was hoping would stay... I thought he could play in 2 back sets with Goodson and be like a hybrid FB type. I would have rather seen more of him and less of Sargent but that's just me. Oh well wish him well. He'll be a heck of a player for somebody.
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  5. CP87

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    Dang, was hoping he would hang around. Great teammate, great leader, and produced when he was called upon. Best of luck to him.

    I am intrigued by what a healthy IKM can do. I presume he was #1 for a reason last year, and I don't think we have seen him healthy. Maybe he can be a good #2 back?
  6. RobHowe

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    Young told me is plans in graduating this spring but will be entering the NFL Draft.
  7. The Big LeHAWKski

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    Best of luck to him, I'm sure it was a tough decision.
    I always enjoyed watching him run the ball. Hopefully this will create a great opportunity for someone.
  8. Fryowa

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    That’s a little bit of a head scratcher to me. There isn’t a worse point in history of the NFL to be a running back in the draft, but I guess if he has his diploma there’s really no harm it other than giving up some time finding his future job. If anything I figured he’d transfer and get another year of playing, if Daniels and Wadley couldn’t land anywhere there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that he’s going to.

    Won’t know if he never tries. Good luck to him for sure.
  9. Zstatman

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    He proudly wore the black and gold and I wish him well.

    He made it into the 1000 yard rushing club so he'll always be remembered for that.
  10. WestCoastHawk

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    Enter the NFL draft? Interesting indeed.
  11. 99topdawg

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    Not really related, but an OL from OSU announced his intentions recently as well. Loved it!

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  12. ssckelley

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    This one is odd
  13. NikeHawk21

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    Toren is a pretty smarty kid. I don’t think he has any illusions of grander here. Will probably work out at Iowa’s pro day, graduate in the spring and see if he can catch on with an NFL team. If not he will have his degree from Iowa. He is also saving another year of hits on his body.

    Me personally I’m okay with this. I’d like to get a look at Shad Byrd. I’ll be honest Young was a “power back” but he ran really high and didn’t run many guys over. The two backs we have coming in have a little bit of promise as well. I think the thing we will probably miss the most is Young’s leadership.
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    That is certainly not what most would have guessed he was doing.... I'd be really curious to know more about who was helping advise him and what their logic is. I get RBs wanting to start ASAP. Maybe if he figured he'd be a late round flyer regardless of it was this year or next why not go now? Get into a camp one way or the other and see. I think he's right another year of something similar to what he just did wouldn't change much. Might be just that simple. Since he'll be getting his degree why not.
  15. 4thngoal

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    Best of luck to him. He has his degree and may as well put it all on the line and try and find a spot in the NFL. If not, oh well go onto something else. Possibly Canada??
  16. #1DieHardHawk

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    A bit of a surprise but kind of makes sense. He was looking at limited touches next season, and an additional year of wear and tear was not going to increase his chances of making an NFL roster. Might as well do it now and take a shot.

    As others have pointed out, the biggest loss will be his leadership. His on-the-field contributions will be pretty easy to compensate for, but losing him hurts off the field.
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  17. EstronHawkKing

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    Sargent is done at Iowa as well, correct? Didn't he have only two years to play? College football is really becoming a three year sport now
  18. RobHowe

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    Sargent has another year of eligibility.
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    I really liked Young. I am surprised by this.