Tristan Wirfs Declares

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Jan 14, 2020.

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    Remember that time Foster announced he wasn't coming to Iowa, then we got stomped by DePaul shortly after? Bet the farm on Northwestern.
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    What a shitty day this turned out to be. We just lost 3 very good players in a matter of hours of each other.
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    I hope all of them go to organizations that will best utilize and develop their talents. Thanks for being Hawkeyes gentlemen. Best of luck in all that you do in life.
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    Sad. But not unexpected. Not to many are going to walk away from a $10 million dollar paycheck.
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    Is it too late to grab some JUCO kids?
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    he would be crazy if he didn't go. I don't understand the angst?
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    Another great Hawkeye representing in the NFL!
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    Great Hawkeye, great kid. Look forward to seeing him on Sundays!
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    My only hope for these guys coming out is they stay healthy and find an organization that is a good fit. Every year you have guys that suffer early injuries or get bogged down in a crap organization and never really get a productive start which hurts them in the long run.

    That is one reason I am a little concerned about Hockenson. They guy is a gamer but got banged up and is stuck in Detroit which it looks like is at the end of another coaching carousel. Sure they early guys are getting paid but it sucks when you put the time and effort in and don't get to play or have to deal with a bunch of crap day in and day out. Wish them all the best because they are a great advertising conduit for the program.
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    I think that’s a stretch. The Lions were in arguably the toughest division in football and played half of the season without their franchise QB. Next year will be a big year for Patricia and Hockensen for that matter. Typically TEs struggle a little bit as rookies. One of Hock’s injuries was completely self inflicted as well.
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    Almost like it was planned that way. Because it was. Good luck to all them in the NFL
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    I was worried the second Hockenson got drafted. Detroit is a place where great players can be wasted. Maybe put up some good numbers but usually on bad teams. They optimize a loser franchise and Hockenson is most likely stuck there.

    Seriously, in a passing league, they couldn't find a way to be better with probably the most athletically gifted WR to ever play in the NFL and a #1 pick at QB in their primes playing together for a decade?

    I'm not going to feel sorry for a millionaire pro athlete but I would have loved to see him go to a more stable franchise.

    Fant is in a much better situation currently. Denver has been a winning franchise under several different coaches over 4 decades. But their ownership is in the courts right now so who knows?
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    Hockenson signed a $19M deal with a $12.4M signing bonus up front.

    Fant signed a $12M deal with a $7.1M signing bonus up front.

    I would love to see these guys have long, successful NFL careers and get to the second contracts, but they are set.
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    Anyone have an extra farm they can loan me?
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    Don't understand fans being a little bummed they won't have two future first rounders coming back?
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    So now that the expected dominoes have fallen, who all do you think gets drafted for the Hawks?

    AJE and Wirfs: 1st
    Stone: 5th?
    OJ and Lattimore: 6th
    Welch and Weiting: FA

    What is the record for most Hawks drafted in one year?
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    Really? As first and foremost a fan of college football as well as a fan of the NFL, I think it's perfectly logical for a fan to selfishly want to see their favorite players come back to college for another year rather than leaving early, and being drafted by a terribly run organization or a rival of your favorite team.

    Note: Wasn't sure at time of this post if yours was heavily influenced by sarcasm.
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