Tristan Wirfs on Nate Stanley

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Nov 10, 2019.

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    NS feels like a more talented version of Matt Sherman. Great guy, great teammate, but that ‘it’ factor seems to be missing.
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    Nate is going to leave here with a very bizarre legacy that will be very hard to define.

    Great numbers, one of the very few QBs in the modern Iowa football era to beat Ohio St, also beat an SEC team, 3-0 vs ISU (possible he could add Nebraska to that list)

    But gifted with a great D to help him, he's 12-12 as a B1G starter. 8-7 against the West teams.

    Severely hamstrung with very poor offensive coaching.
  4. Caddy

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    What else is he going to say? Does anyone honestly think any of those players have a shred of confidence that Nate will lead them on a game winning drive against an opponent with a pulse? NO.
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    Yes. Stanley's teammates have confidence in him.
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    His career mirrors Kirk...Kirk 2.0 Average, predictable, boring, frustrating, nice. Can't rise above it in the big games.
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    Last night wasn't on Stanley. At least that was the game I watched.
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    The more I watch Stanley and after thinking about his performance in the second half I am starting to wonder if the reasons why we are frustrated with him starts and end at BF. Stanley seems to be a guy that will do what the coaches say unconditionally even though he sees it differently

    It is pretty obvious Brain is just making things too damn complicated. Looking back at earlier games and then yesterday he just needs to let Nate play and it will be an improvement
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    I was in the stadium. Right. Not on Stanley. O line did not protect him in the first half. They were much better in the second half and NS played very well.

    And, for the first time this year I was disappointed in the defense. WI threw the ball at will and Taylor ran for 250 yards.
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    How were the Wisconsin fans? hope they didn't harass or threaten you
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    It's at the point where we have four games left & we are out of the BIG 10 championship game picture. I think Nate will be remembered as an Iowa QB who could not win the big time games (especially on the road) in the conference. He beat OSU and won the Outback Bowl, those are what I will remember him for.
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    Agreed. I'm a big Phil Parker fan, but yesterday was not his best effort as a coach. Granted, playing WI with a backup, Fr. MLBer is not an enviable situation. But Illinois showed everyone how to slow down #23 (with much it having to do with DLinemen angles, etc) I didn't see any of that from Parker yesterday: it was 4 down linemen, straight ahead, almost every play. He tried out a 4-4-3 alignment at the beginning, but again with some guys who rarely play at all, how are they going to seriously stop #23 when he meets them with a head of steam 2 yds past the LOS? Parker stubbornly refused to put 5 guys on the line which would have gone a long way to accomplishing what we all wanted. Lovie game him a gift and Parker refused to accept it. You can't expect to go 4 guys vs 5 at the LOS every play and expect success vs a strong and talented RB.
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    It would help if the defense could make a critical stop late in those games.
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    I was at the game too, Stanley was bad for 3 quarters and it wasn't the O'lines or RB's fault. He was indecisive and ineffective. The D played good enough. Stopping Taylor was a chore, in fact all the Badgers were hard to bring down but they kept us in the game. One bad breakdown before the half hurt us, especially after a TO. Iowa lost the game in the 3 period. Iowa had 4 possessions, two in good field position and came back empty. The coaches made no adjustments in the second half until we went "hurry up" in the fourth. If it weren't for a ref. standing in the wrong place Nate would have tied up the game and hopefully OT. I admit the D got tired and Taylor got some runs to seal the game, but you can't lay this loss on the defense.
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    They were fine. Didn’t have a single issue or see anything. The bar I was at before the game was 50/50 Iowa Wisconsin fans. It was a good time
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    Agree for sure and then again there's the FERENTZ factor for lack of imagination of offense and offensive line development. That entire side of the ball starting with Kirk they are one of the worst in history. Hey Kirk pedal that "7 teams in the West.." crap to someone who cares like Gary. Perhaps he'll give you your next extension with 6 wins per year.
  17. seepig

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    Part of the problem is starting the Doyle kid at LB he's NOT ready to play at this level yet for sure. I here that there are more talented LB's backing HIM up. We know how Kirk handles family. Beathard would never have started if public pressure hadn't of forced that issue.
  18. Hawk90

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    I would add to that, as pathetic as the offense was in the first half, the Iowa LBs' were horrible all day. How did we get there, that a true Frosh and a RS Freshman are the back-ups, what happened to the developmental program?
  19. HuckFinn

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    No. They were fine. Did a shuttle from East Madison which had a few Hawk fans and all was well. People around me did a lot of officiating in favor of the home team, but did not give me, my son and grandson any guff. Game was a heartbreaker. Beer was cold, cheese curds were hot.
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    Nobody cares if you were “in the stadium,” nor is it relevant to whether Nate actually played well or not.

    You’re like one of those annoying people who has to interject the fact that they’re an EMT into every conversation like it’s some sort of superpower.