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    Perhaps you tell me what I have wrong about the last half of this past season with TC. I liked TC as a Hawkeye. I thought he helped the Hawks win games but not his play the last half of the season. He mishandled the ball a ton, bunches of turnovers, no jumpshot,defense was hit and miss mostly. Dunking doesn't mean you're NBA material.
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    Expectations at Iowa? Are you joking?
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    The top Euro basketball salary was 4 million NET (take home). The 10th highest was 1.7 million. There is real money playing basketball in Europe. Aaron White made well over 500K a year playing in Russia.
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    He is leaving Iowa, but he might not go pro?
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    Thank you.
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    He didn't have the greatest game against Cincy, but to say he didn't spark the comeback against TN would be wrong. He definitely has holes in his game. But he will be missed, at least at the beginning of next season.
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    Bad move by Tyler. Not nearly ready for the NBA, but I suppose he can be a role player for a Euro squad. Should have stayed at Iowa for another year, but, then again, we don't have to see him fumble the ball around trying to play point guard at random times during game play (and clank free-throws and brick shots 3 feet or greater away from the rim). It is both a win and a loss for Iowa at the same time.
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    Cook was another freak of an athlete that Fran and staff failed to develop so he could reach his full potential at Iowa. I hope he has tremendous success wherever he lands, he was a good Hawkeye and his athleticism is something I will always remember about him
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    He sparked a comeback but was invisible in the first half, thus, just didn't do it, for some reason.

    The team will adjust and others will rise, hopefully with good fundamental team BB.
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    I hope the best for the guy. He appeared to be a good teammate and hard worker. I'm pretty sure there are a couple of hawkeye players that will be happy they will get more playing time next year.
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    TC will be remembered for his awe-inspiring, stand up and shout for-joy type dunks. I'll never forget his one-hand monster slam off the oh-so-perfect JBo inbounds pass! Good Lord that was beautiful to watch...
    Exciting as hell - yes, frustrating at times, yes, but I have to remind myself that it's college b-ball and with 19-21 yr old kids you never know what you'll get one game to the next.
    TC played his @ss off, was a great teammate and always wanted to win bad.
    I'll always appreciate and respect him for that.
    Bets of luck Tyler! Hope you make a ton o' cash wherever you end up!
    Next man in!
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    uh nice try.. you said "he should learn more about basketball"

    But what he said about Cook was totally true.. regardless of any sentimental feelings.
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    Really doesn't change much... Cook was an okay player. He is an okay guy? I really have no clue.

    As far as all these posts of how he was a "great teammate?" Again I really don't know. But I don't want to pile on the guy.

    I really don't think this is much of a loss... sorry but I don't.
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    We all have the right to be frustrated and I'm as guilty of that as anyone. But the season's over. This isn't some emotional night after a tough loss kind of moment anymore. This thread has a nasty vibe in the air and it reflects the stale feeling that many Iowa fans have towards the program.

    Look at this year's Iowa team. Look at Iowa in the last 10+ years. Who's been our best player? Uthoff, Marble, Gatens, Jok? Let's not pretend like the bar is so high and almighty. How many of these guys are NBA players? The sad answer is none. I don't think we've produced a true NBA player (that played minutes) since Reggie Evans. Think about that.

    I was sitting front row for Iowa @ Minnesota this year and watched Cook go into hero-mode at the end of the game and turned the ball over in catastrophic fashion. I feel everyone's pain and frustration with him. And the fact that he's leaving early, and he put us through this same process last off-season, it's annoying. But let's not pretend that he was a poor player.

    Let's promptly quit with the talk of "we'll be better off without him next year". Are you kidding me? What team is better off without their best player? What team were you watching this year that was overloaded with talent and athleticism? It sure wasn't the Hawkeyes. We had one guy that stood out and looked the part. It was Tyler Cook. Fans are so critical of his lack of progression in jump shooting and other skills, like ball handling. The shooting is obviously an issue, but I saw a guy who massively progressed as a ball handler. He brought the ball up the floor +5 times per game, as a clear means of practicing the skill and getting comfortable with the ball in his hands. It was a risk with consequences, but clearly something he wanted to do to grow as a player. And he did.

    Where's the passionate fan criticism of our 4 year "program" guys who never seem to put the time in and get in good shape? The guys who, year after year, don't seem to improve their athletic ability, agility, or strength - at all. How many big men have we had who just never improve? When was Adam Woodbury going to break out? When was Zach McCabe going to show up for the season in basketball shape? What about Aaron White hitting weight room and putting on 15lbs of muscle? It just never happened. But when it comes to a supremely talented guy like Tyler Cook, who has clearly committed himself to the game and program, we're all so critical.

    Maybe I'm in the minority, but I think Tyler Cook is one of the greatest Hawkeyes to plan in this century.
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    Uh sorry you cant figure out his worth in his strengths. The guy who struggles to develop players is staying. True statement. So next promising raw player in. Its old. The guy cant really develop his own sons. True statement.

    Who will digress next year. My guess is Garza when he gets less pressure with no Cook. The raw Pem? There is a guy who had a shot in hs. The list goes on. Uhl. Kentucky football player....ok start using the skinny over stretched shooting guards.
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    Hey. Knock it off with facts that don’t fit a negative narrative about an unpaid amateur athlete.

    Here are some more that don’t matter...

    Career: Scored in double figures 69 times, including netting 20 points or more 15 times… posted 15 double-doubles, which ties for 15th most in program history since 1970… one of nine players in program history to total more than 1,300 points and 600 rebounds… ranks 20th in Iowa career scoring with 1,315 points… his 252 rebounds pulled down in 2018-19 are eighth most by an Iowa junior in program history.

    Junior Season: Second-team All-Big Ten selection by the media and third team by the coaches… USBWA All-District and NABC Second Team All-District honoree...led team in scoring (14.5) and rebounding (7.6), and ranked second in field goal percentage (.528), all ranking in the top 13 in the Big Ten… recorded a team-best six double-doubles (Wisconsin, Iowa State, Northern Iowa, Bryant, Northwestern, and Ohio State)… netted double figures a team-best 25 times… led team in rebounding a team-best 19 times… pulled down double-digit rebounds seven times… registered at least 15 points and five rebounds over 10-game span from Nov. 30 to Jan. 12, becoming the first Hawkeye to do so in 10 straight games since James Winters (1993-94).

    Won Kenny Arnold Hawkeye Spirit Award as a sophomore.
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    Forgot about this one. Pretty cool
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    Again, I liked TC as a Hawk. He did a lot of great things and helped the Hawkeyes win games. He stayed out of trouble and I wish him the best. My comments about what I see as a possible NBA player I stand by. I wasn't attempting to bash the kid. I would think any NBA scout would say the same things: no jump shot to speak of, not a great defender, is turnover prone, and not a great free throw shooter. I would think his coaches would be telling him those same things but would be saying it maybe this way: "TC we need to continue to develop your outside shot, we need to improve your footwork on defense, we need to improve your turnover rate, and let's continue to improve your free throw percentage." If he makes an NBA team I will be the first to say I was wrong. Could he play over sea, I don't know. I don't watch or follow that league. But I would not consider that league NBA.
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    TC was a good Hawkeye and represented the program well. He will be missed. He has flaws like every player, but an above average career at Iowa. He wants to chase his dreams and has all the tools to do it, just hasn't put it together. It's probably time for a crack at it with different coaching. Good luck TC.