Tyler Cook Gone

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by tksirius, Apr 4, 2019.

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    Then you don't have anything to add to this. But thanks.
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    After watching the sweet 16 rounds, if Iowa is to step up - the talent level needs to increase.

    The 2020 class is put up or shut up for this staff. Tired of hearing about all the relationships - visits from 4* kids over the last couple years out of courtesy.

    Need to start inking some targets instead of whiffing and then settling.
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    Speaking of not contributing, did you really need a new profile to come out swinging like that?
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    Can he wrestle?
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    What gave it away? I'm assuming it was my irresistible charm...
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    Probably a bit early to say, but if whiffing and settling ends up with more guys like Bohannon and Toussaint, I think we'll be a-okay. I also think that Patrick getting cancer had a bigger impact on the program than anyone would like to admit. The two worst recruiting classes in Fran's tenure? 2014 and 2015. Same time that Patrick got cancer. Having to recruit your two largest classes back to back when your kid has cancer is probably not great.
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    Exactly. Each player that contributes to his teammates being better is infinitely valuable. Cook made his teammates better because teams had to account for him, thus couldn't give extra attention to other players.

    No doubt, he did frustrating stuff. But to think this is addition-by-subtraction is utterly ludicrous.
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    TC was far from a "perfect player", but anyone who saw the announcement and didn't think, "Damn, that SUCKS!" is not thinking very clearly. My expectations for next year are lower because of his being gone.
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    I didn't think that.
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    Me either.
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    So my love/hate relationship has ended in divorce?
    Thank's Tyler and best of luck in the future!!
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    Why would you have to say 'he stayed out of trouble'? is there something about Tyler or his past that would indicate he is a troublemaker or would get into trouble?
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    Why would Moss leave early, you mean to enter the nba draft? I just saw him start to drive and challenge the rim the last 10 games of the season. I think he needs another big year at Iowa with better 3pt shooting, better handles and driving and scoring at the rim and passing for assists.

    And yet some are thinking he might not be a starter.
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    No doubt Patrick's cancer took a lot out of the Fran and perhaps the staff as well. Understood.

    That said, 2020 needs to be a good class with some ...here comes that word... athletes. Not a bunch of slower skinny wings 6'4"-6'8" who can't defend.
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    Where is Dolph?
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    Your argument didn't pan out in the games Tyler missed this year. The team actually passed the ball better than they had in any game TC played in and shot the ball better. It's hard to evaluate TC because he never played with a guard who could run with him and set him up. He would have so much better numbers playing with guards that say a Michigan or MSU had. Look how good Michigan guards made their average big men look. I love watching Cook play, I just couldn't stand watching him play out of position all year. Plus we just didn't play to his strengths. Great athlete without the intangibles that make you an NBA player. With the right coaching, right team, and a little luck he might get a cup of coffee in the League. Worst case, he plays D-League gets some 10 day contracts, makes a little scratch then heads to Europe for 10 years.
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    This from a woman who my daughter played for on a YMCA team in 3rd grade who played her daughter and four friends up 35 to 2 and wouldn't play her bench (My daughter and the two other bench players didn't ever get in the game). Her husband at the half cornered Claire and screamed at her to play the second half "like it's 0-0". Ya, she's a classy lady. The Y had to tell her that all players needed to play and no pressing after they had a 20 pt. lead. Nothing like 3rd graders crying as they left the gym. But in her book they were "losers" and her girls were "winners". I prefer to not be preached to by this paradigm of virtue.
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    I agree with what she Tweeted about people ripping TC on social media. I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t agree with it.

    If your story is true, I agree, it’s a bad look.

    Both can be true. And people make mistakes.
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    Oh contrar! Humor is a priceless commodity here
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    Theories often don't pan out on a 2 games basis. We'll have to wait and see how it effects the entire season and how coaches prepare for lineups that they know WONT include TC. I know for a fact it panned out with Pete Jok and all of the idiots that said we'd be better off without him.
    I'm telling you that as a coach, I'd much rather game plan against Jack Nunge than Tyler Cook. Without the threat of a TC, I'm gonna drop down on Garza, when the ball goes in and pressure the guards relentlessly.
    And TC can play in Europe taking home 300 or 400K a season. Take home. There's no degree from the University of Iowa that he could earn in 4 years, that would pay him that much.
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