Tyler Cook Signs Two-Way Contract with Nuggets

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, Aug 13, 2019.

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    Michael Porter Jr and Bol Bol are pretty injury-prone. We could see TC getting some games in the Show next season.
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    • They will act as a 16th and 17th roster spot for NBA teams beginning next season (2017-18).
    • The player can spend up to 45 days with the NBA team that signs him, although no time is guaranteed.
    • The rest of the player’s contract must be spent in the G-League, either for the team’s affiliate or another’s if the team he signs with doesn’t have a G-League affiliate yet. For the 2017-18 season, the G-League will represent 26 of the NBA’s 30 teams.
    • The player’s pay comes on a tiered salary system, which can last one or two seasons. While in the G-League, the player will make $75,000. It’s a significant increase from the current pay structure for G-Leaguers, who cannot make more than $26,000 with a one-way G-League deal.
    • When in the NBA, a player with a two-way contract will accrue a day of service and make money consistent with an NBA rookie minimum, which is about $816,000 next season. If a player spends 45 days in the NBA, he could make around $204,000.
    • In total, a two-way player who spends the maximum amount of time in the NBA would make $279,000.
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    Power Forward U?

    Regarding Uthoff, I was looking at the Pistons website, where he played this summer, and it appears they already have 2 two way players under contract. I believe when he got his NBA game experience with the Mavs it was on 10 day contracts. Uthoff never posts on twitter and it's really hard to find out anything about him.

    The good news in all this, IMO, is that with TC we now will have a Hawkeye showing up in NBA box scores.
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    Rob, the article that you linked in your post is over two years old. The basics are the same but a a couple updates.

    There are now 28 G League teams and the NBA rookie minimum salary this year is $898k. Isn't the money unreal?
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    So, this is an HONEST and not a snarky (my first comment was), so I apologize for that, it was just a softball.

    But seriously...... on twitter, on other Hawkeye boards, on here....I have read for 3 seasons how Tyler Cook had NO chance in the NBA. 0%. He wasn't even close and that he's dreaming if he thinks he has ANY shot. I had no idea to be honest. I am not an expert on that kind of stuff. But, I've been told pretty strongly over the years that he wouldn't be in the NBA and I was a fool for ever even mentioning it. Obviously, it's not like he's made it at this point, but he certainly seems to knocking on the doorstep almost IMMEDIATELY after finishing his Hawkeye career. He may never play a minute, but he obviously must be doing something well to get this opportunity.

    My question is, how can so many Hawkeye fans be wrong? Why was Tyler such a polarizing player that his own fans felt that strongly about him not making the NBA? He had/has things to work on, but so do most players. Was it that we as fans didn't want him to go? Just curious. I literally have no idea I just often time am intrigued by the dichotomy of sports fans, their favorite players and how they are viewed.
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    Armchair psychologist here: I think it was a few very loud and obnoxious voices swaying the opinion of many. It was compounded by the frustrations of Tyler's perceived lack of effort on defense and lack of skill on offense. I think it's partly that we all expected him to be an Aaron White like shot blocker/defender since he was such a powerful dunker. But he's simply a completely different kind of athlete and player. That perspective also vastly undervalues White's feel for the game and athleticism. I think White likely has a better vertical and better timing that enabled him to be such a defensive monster. Cook is a monster in a different sense, he is also 6'9, but comes in at 240-255+ compared to White's 215-230. That's an imposing post presence that will fare better against the freaks in the NBA trying to back him down.

    Another component to this is that those loud obnoxious fans can claim a small victory. Cook did not get drafted, which I believe is the perspective many took on his situation. "He might leave early, but he's not getting drafted" is something I believe I read more than once. However, if he makes the roster and starts playing in some games this year, it will completely vindicate his decision to leave early and quite honestly, is what every darn one of those supposed fans should be rooting for, because it will help us in recruiting guys like Xavier Foster.
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    That's not the first time for Iowa, Isn't it? Devyn Marble did that with Orlando Magic? Good for TC and Marble.
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    I think Marble signed a rookie contract with the Magic after being drafted and spent time at both levels. I don't think it was ever one of these two way contracts as they didn't become a thing until after his time with them was over. That said he did just sign an exhibit 10 contract with the Warriors. We'll see if that leads to anything.
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    First and foremost you are exaggerating a bit. Yes there were posters who said he had little to no shot at the NBA (a lot of them), but there were others who said he had a shot. It was certainly a discussion.

    The two way contract is probably a good sign for him, and a financial advantage as outlined above by Rob. I have heard an argument that getting a two way contract can actually be a bad thing, because now that team controls you, so if you tear it up in the G league but they don’t have a spot, you can’t be picked up by another team. There have been a handful of guys sign these and still not really sniff the league. I know Naz Long did, Bronson Koenig did and he has very little chance of cracking an NBA team.

    I do think Tyler was probably harped on by Iowa fans a little harder than he should have been, and it’s probably the for the same reason he has a chance to make the NBA... POTENTIAL. TC’s potential is through the roof but never really saw it fully materialize. Was he a good college player? Absolutely, but it felt like he could have been so much more dominant if he played harder and had better basketball IQ. The NBA is a league based on potential which s probably why the Nuggets want to keep control of TC to see if it ever materializes. Hopefully it does, it would be great for the Iowa program to have guys in the NBA.

    Lastly there could be another discussion here still on whether he made the right decision to leave early, which I suspect we won’t know for sometime if at all.

    (Please read and respond to the entirety of my post)
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    Honestly, I don't personally feel the need to respond to the entirety of your post because there isn't much I disagree with except the first paragraph. IMO, I am probably underselling the sentiment that TC would never play in the NBA by Iowa fans. That's just my opinion, but I feel like it was a take that the overwhelming majority of the fan base held. BTW, I realize he still might not. It just appears he might have been closer than some think.
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    just for a fun exercise I searched "Tyler Cook NBA" into the search function of this site. There are countless threads that would take days to go thru, but feel free to try it out yourself and then get back at me and tell me that the overwhelming sentiment wasn't "Cook isn't good enough for the NBA". There were some outliers that thought he was for certain, but much more rare that someone popped up and said he was. Then in most cases, that poster was shunned for holding that opinion.

    I don't really care, I didn't have an opinion one way or another - mostly because I hardly follow the NBA. I just find things like this curious and I like to discuss them. It's not unique to Iowa fans, it's sports fans in general. I feel like fans of a team eat their own like no other. This is Iowa fans, it's Lakers fans, it's all fans. I feel kind of like the same thing with Iowa fans and Nate Stanley and the NFL, but I would say that his doubters are much more of vocal minority then that of Cook.

    just my thoughts and observations.
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    He's about where I thought he'd be as a borderline 2nd round guy with the athleticism that indicates he has decent potential. I'm a bit surprised he locked up a 2 way deal given that he was hurt this summer but kudos to him for working his butt off.

    As for what the majority of fans were saying, I recall some decent discussion on whether he'd be drafted and where he would end up (G League or overseas). There were plenty that mentioned he'd never be drafted, had zero shot at ever playing in the NBA, and was dumb for leaving early. I'll be honest though, I disagreed with these people so tended to ignore those comments. So i'm not sure how much traction takes like that had.

    IMO a guy should take advantage of his playing years while he can. Your body only gives you so much time before it gives out. You might as well try to maximize your earnings while you can, even if that's playing overseas. Granted if you're a mid 1st to early 2nd projected player, one has to be smart about leaving early or waiting a year to develop because the difference in contract structure and guaranteed money is drastic.

    Hopefully he proves pretty much everyone wrong and fights his way onto a roster.
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    I don't think it's anything more than the fact that he wasn't a very good shooter and it's believed you have to be a good one to have a chance at the NBA, with a few exceptions.
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    You're right and I would agree with that, but in the same breath there are always outliers. I wouldn't consider Reggie Evans to be a great shooter. He had a nice long career. Now you're saying to yourself, but Reggie had other attributes. So does TC. Players like Josh Jackson for the Suns, not very good at shooting. Stanley Johnson or Andre Drummund for the Pistons, Blake Griffen for who ever the hell he plays for. The league is full of dudes who can't really shoot, but they develop and get better at it as their career goes on.
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    Yep, exceptions being either a really good defender, really good rebounder, or elite physical gifts (ie athleticism, really tall, and wingspan to boot) to indicate major potential. Cook has the athleticism but not the elite height or wingspan. If he had Talen Horton-Tucker like wingspan for his height, he probably would have been a first round pick 2 years ago.
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    I think you're basically right. I would guess that TC worked on those other attributes after his last game with Iowa during whenever scouts were in his presence. That's pretty smart I'd say.
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    Well at Power Forward U, Fran McCaffery turns 6'9", 250lb, dynamic athletes with inconsistent rebounding and shooting skills into 6'9", 250lb, dynamic athletes with inconsistent rebounding and shooting skills. It's remarkable.
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    I'm actually kidding. I loved Tyler Cook and I'm thrilled for him. He's got the athleticism to play in the league...no doubt. A rebounder gets paid in the NBA. If he gets serious about that...he's going to find a home for a long time.

    If was Fran...i would have locked Tyler Cook in the gym with a shooting gun at 15-18 feet and slid food under the door. He hits that shot consistently and rebounds like his life depends on it...and he's golden.
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    Marble actually got drafted. 2 way contracts were after his time.
  20. mopkins

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    A few things:

    - he never made the 1st team all big ten team. There were always better big men than him in his own league.

    - he never really showed up on any mock drafts...for whatever that's worth

    - he had (has?) glaring holes in his game that never really seemed to improve

    - his game doesn't translate well to the current NBA (although clearly the Nuggets are willing to try and develop him)

    I thought after Cook's freshman year the sky was the limit. He could always score at the rim...that's never changed. He just never quite lived up to the hype we (probably unfairly) placed on him.
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