Tyler Sash: "Don't Taze me Bro"

Discussion in 'Football' started by theboat, May 13, 2014.

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    Didn't Sash get a concussion or something right around the same time, too? Borderline guy who gets busted and then gets hurt is pretty much screwed.
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    kinda feel bad for dude, one minute you are living the American dream, the next minute you are in Osky, and you have to figure out what your next move is. i would probably be getting hammered, riding a scooter and running from the cops, too.
  4. theboat

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    Anyone with a neck/chest beard like that deserves the fate that is delivered to him.

    LASBUR Well-Known Member

    I agree. The board is a cruel place. I hope he doesn't get on here. Its easy to take shots at people from the internet. Hope he gets things on track
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    If I had an "encounter" with the law like this, I would sincerely hope to get all sorts of sh!t thrown my way. If he wants somebody to tell him "it's not as bad as it looks...", he should go to his mom, not the Interwebz.

    If he were an Iraq war vet suffering from PTSD or something, I would definitely say hold back b/c this kid has seen some ill shi!t you can't even conceive of...but I think it's a reasonably safe assumption Mr. Sash has had at least somewhat of a "bubble" existence to this point in his life that those of us not blessed with extraordinary athletic abilities can't relate to.

    We all did stuff when we were younger that we're not proud of - I know I am certainly in that boat - but you know what I did? Put on my big boy pants and dealt with the consequences (and that's exactly what Tyler is going to have to do, no matter what anyone says on HN).

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    This is really not that big of a deal. Ive never been arrested but as far as running from the cops this is on the "scooter" level of police chases.

    LASBUR Well-Known Member

    Your right these kids do tend to live in a bubble. Im sure TS will put on his Big Boy pants and move on with life. That's pretty good advise
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    Why's the cop messing with him??? Doesn't the cop know who he is??? The only SB champ to live in Osky!!
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    Now on the front page of Espn.com

    Thankfully, the headline says "Ex-Giant".
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    I used to follow Sash on twitter. He started selling some seasonings called "Dash of Sash" and evidently Hy-Vee is stocking it. http://dashofsash.com/
    things got weird and I unfollowed
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    from BHGP

    Look: this arrest is potentially really, really funny. We already made a "dash of sash" joke in the title, after all. It's also potentially unsettling if it's indicative of bigger problems, and you can't exactly rule that out. Sash may be a doofus at times, but he's our doofus, and we would prefer that this be just an isolated incident, a bump in the road to dominating the seasoned salt and spice market for decades to come. C'mon, buddy. Let's stop hiding behind trees and get it together.


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    What he fails to mention is that DJK is the supplier for "Dash of Sash"...i'll give you 3 guesses as to the nature of the "secret ingredient" (hint: it's the reason people just can't seem to get enough "Dash of Sash")
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    I really like Sash too. My son had his jersey and by chance ran into his mother at a game and she wanted a picture with him! My kids really liked Wegher and DJK too. hmmmm bad role models. But hey they loved Stanzi too!
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    no one here but us trees..... awssifer
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    DJK was likable enough. Obviously, there was a lot going on behind the scenes, but his personality with fans pretty much always endeared him to people. I know a few guys like that from high school. Easy to like until you really look closely.
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    Agree about DJK being easy to like.
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    I had to get my son a different basketball jersey after his #3 jersey was tainted to Pierce
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    Love it, where is that damn "Like" button again?