Uh Oh, Wirfs got in some trouble

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    Look, I know that, you know that, my buddy knows that. But when you have something like that happen and you're stroking $10k checks for property taxes, it would be nice if they could at least send someone out to feign caring for 10 minutes.
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    At some point one should ask why they are paying property taxes at all when their public schools and servants are doing such shit jobs.
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    IC crime is getting pretty bad for a college sized town. It's no secret, it's these thugs from Chicago that are coming here. Two years ago two gangs ran into each other in the Ped Mall in IC and one of them pulled a gun out and killed one of the rival gang members. This was late on a Saturday night with UofI students right there! If crime in IC get's worse, the U of Iowa better worry when parents decide to not let their kids come here for fear of the violence.
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    Most in Iowa City will tell you that any sort of cultural infusion is positive--the violence is merely a result of the prevalence of available inanimate weapons...not culture and human free will decision-making.
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    Yep, I was there for that. Scary stuff
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    I once went to the Taylor Homes to buy some chronic when Chicago got hit by that blizzard on New Year's between '98 and '99. I grew up in a trailer park and I've been to some backwoods places in the Midwest and Deep South. But the level of poverty in Cabrini Green and that stretch of now razed housing projects along I-90 a few miles south of downtown was unimaginable.

    I lived in Chicago as they tore down the worst of the projects. The process was amazing. Daley got tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars from HUD grants to redevelop the projects as "mixed income" and to reduce the population density. Well, part of reducing the population density was relocating a substantial number of the residents of these areas. Chicago paid a little bit and the feds paid a lot and Daley and his entourage went all over the Midwest looking for sleepy towns in search of "population growth." I read an article about it in the Trib some years ago, but basically they made it sound like Daley's sales pitch was in essence "hey guys, you're not racist and you're big on diversity so why don't you step up to the plate and prove it and we'll give you a few million bucks!" and places like Iowa City jumped at the opportunity. Some of the close in Chicago suburbs to the south also got a big influx of new residents. No one was forced to go anywhere specific, but with Section 8 vouchers in hand, they were given lists of places where they could move (other than Chicago) where their Section 8 voucher would get them reasonable space.
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    Yeah, it didn't hurt that at the time IC was overbuilt with apartments and the slum lords jumped at the chance to rent the worst of those hovels out to those Chicagoans.
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    I'm not saying I like it, I'm saying it's expected.

    Expecting police help for less than homicide in a huge city is like moving to the Carolinas and being pissed off when a hurricane knocks your house down. You knew the deal going in.
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    JJ, Thelma, and Michael thought it was Dy-no-mite.
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    I grew up in IC in the 70's, 80's and through the mid 90's. Back then IC was a nice quite place with low crime. I remember when I was a kid thinking I should be an IC police officer when I grow up because it would be the easiest job in the world. Not today it's not. What was it, about a year or two ago the police said there was a group of black males that were going out at night around the downtown area and assaulting and stealing from people. The cops said it was between 7-10 males doing this. They actually punched a woman in the gut and knocked her down. They would beat people up, then steal their wallets, purses, cell phones ect.. I think they caught at least 5 of them over time. There was recently an incident in Coralville where about 25 cops had to be called in to stop some huge brawl between some bad people. The IC/Coralville today is not the same area that I once knew as a kid. But yet, the IC police or more concerened with minors being in the bars after a certain time!
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    Or if someone has a quarter bag of pot. Or isn't wearing their seat belt. Or has questionable window tint (if you question it and have to use a meter, how dark is it really?) Or has a ball on their truck bumper that obstructs the view of the license plate.
    Jesus do something constructive. Be peace officers. That means keeping the peace, not worrying about stupid stuff.
    I think someone breaking into a house is more important and more of a risk to society than that speeder who was 5 mph over the limit.
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    personal responsibility is racist
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    Yeah someone in Iowa asked Buttgeg that question last week. Rather than acknowledging the complexity of the situation he went straight to the politically safe ‘it’s 100% systemic racism’ mantra. Wuss.
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    And..,.........so do the criminals!!!
    What's that tell you???
    It says to the criminals, "a seat belt. A few joints. 5mph over the speed limit, we are going to bust your ass all day every day. Break into a car or house, meh we won't even look into it".
    Gateway drugs??? Jesus gateway crime.
    Because what's going to happen when they break in and someone is there???
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    It s happening everywhere there is a decent sized city and spilling into small towns.its made worse as witnesses dont see anything.

    Im currently on the west coast. Im shocked by changes in a few short years.

    The 7.1 quake a few days ago was like bring in a rocking chair.
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    What's completely ironic about this, is that I have that exact print framed and hanging in our basement.

    In fact, it was one of the first things I looked for after we bought the house. Classic photo.
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