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    Saw that. Definite scumbags.

    Bright side is the Twitter Warrior Foundation has probably set up 37 GoFundMe's and a 501(C) in his name, and in two weeks he'll be a $50 millionaire, but we'll find out that in 1986 this guy laughed at a George Carlin joke and he'll get fired from his job and forced to move to Bulgaria due to hate mail death threats 'cause he's not woke enough...
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    This is pretty brutal though. Why not just give it to him.
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    Certainly not defending them, but typically those things are covered by insurance, so I'm sure it's the insurance company is saying that they aren't liable because it came after the allotted time. Just spit balling here....
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    probably right. I was thinking along the same lines only the other way around...since its covered by insurance why not just give it to him. But I guess then you might get into a legal battle and blah blah.

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    Had a buddy that made a hole-in-one at a golf outing for $10,000. The insurance company hemmed and hawed around, delaying his pay out. They interrogated his 4-some individually and other witnesses for weeks, implying that they were all in on it and lying about the hole-in-one. Eventually, the hole sponsor, Casey's, stepped up and said screw this. We'll pay you the 10 grand and fight the insurance company for reimbursement.
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    It's super common for fishing tournaments to require polygraph tests.

    I fished in one last year where first prize was a new pickup and $10,000 and on the entry form you had to sign a polygraph waiver. It listed all the fishing/tournament-related questions and also said you'd be asked additional non-related questions as part of the whole process. I'm assuming they gave us the questions beforehand because it was a legal requirement or some other sort of CYA.
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    That is why we have to get the insurance companies out of the halftime shows. We need Made Basketball Shots for All. ;)
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    A friend of mine won a $1000 jackpot playing bingo at a Hooters restaurant. They took her information down and said they'd mail her a check. A week later she called the Hooters and they said "yep checks in the mail". 2 weeks later, still nothing, but they said again "checks in the mail". The week after that the Hooters was closed down...went out of business.

    I still make fun of her for it.
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    Was it the Des Moines Hooters? If it was, not shocking.
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    Is this the UNI employee who was in charge of this contest....

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    Burnsville Minnesota. Long gone.
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    Good news, KWWL-TV just reported that person will now receive the $10,000
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    It's made national news and taken on a life of its own, so I'm sure there is a ton of pressure.
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    How much is TheIRS' cut?
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    What a tragedy..... if you have never experienced Gods grace then people dont understand that we as humans screwed it up
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    It's crazy that you can brainwash a kid's mind enough to continue believing that stuff as an adult.
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    Projecting a bit here?