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  1. ModebaSan

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  2. HawkPrdatr40

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    That’s it????
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  3. judzeehawk

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    Usually the HC gets fired after losing to Iowa!
  4. NCHawker

    NCHawker Well-Known Member

    Maybe they had to consider where Iowa was. Iowa was Awesome.
  5. trj

    trj Well-Known Member

    That onside kick was executed perfectly, why are they firing that dude?:)
  6. AreWeThereYet

    AreWeThereYet Well-Known Member

    Iowa will cook your Zook.
  7. NCHawker

    NCHawker Well-Known Member

    USC has a weak culture. With the athletes that they have comes down to attitude
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  8. Northside Hawk

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    Because their kickoff coverage wasn't:)
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  9. iloveyoularrystation

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    the kick return by ism was also executed perfectly, and I think thats the answer.
  10. AreWeThereYet

    AreWeThereYet Well-Known Member

    ISM took advantage of the fact that most the kick coverage was out of their lanes on the opposite side of the field. It was indicative of the coaching staffs lack of attention to detail. I don't see how you address that though without doing basic developmental stuff and live practices to work on things.
  11. 1hawkeye1

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    Those MF's were some of the softest beeyatches I've ever seen on a football field. Sad.
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  12. judzeehawk

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    Their QB looked like he didn't want to recover that football at all! I think he had visions of 94 heading his way. Lol
  13. ModebaSan

    ModebaSan Well-Known Member

    I expect there will be more heads on the chopping block ready to roll. To keep his job Helton has to make it look like a complete overhaul. That way when they lose next season, they can blame it on them learning new schemes and terminology. So they gotta make it good so Helton can convince the new AD that it’s a process that will lead them to winning more games.
  14. hawkinn3

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    Outside of Slovis USC doesn’t have a lot of talent. They are going to suck for a while.
  15. LicThawk

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    They have a lot of stud freshman including qb and two of their recievers. Their obsession with airraid and lack of commitment to any type of running game is the downfall.
  16. GesterHawk

    GesterHawk Well-Known Member

    Or sometimes after beating Iowa...
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  17. DDThompson

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    48 4* and 5* on the roster.

    Yeah, it’s a wasteland.
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  18. DDThompson

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    Not sad to me. I love it when Iowa makes other teams quit.

    Defensively, they were softer than Nebraska.

    Offensively, they were in this game until 94DE nearly de-armed Slovis. The USC OC has to keep his QBS alive so they didn’t attack downfield which made them one dimensional in a one dimensional offense.
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  19. Hawkfnntn

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    That was funny he had his head on a swivel looking all over making no effort to jump on the ball. Should get destroyed in the film room. But since his OC is out now...
  20. SteveGarvey1

    SteveGarvey1 Well-Known Member

    If a large portion of those 4 and 5 * guys are on their defense, the DC deserves to be fired cause their D is putrid.
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