Video from halftime football ceremony during Ohio State vs Iowa game...

Discussion in 'Football' started by asolsma, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. asolsma

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    Video I shot of the Adrian Clayborn and Orange Bowl trophy presentation at Carver Hawkeye Arena during last night's Ohio State vs. Iowa game.
    [ame=""]YouTube- Adrian Clayborn and 2010 Orange Bowl Team Honored Halftime of Ohio State at Iowa Game 1/27/2010[/ame]
  2. GrandpaHawk

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    Thank You for sharing that with us.It's only Jan. and I'm ready for football to start.
  3. badboyz

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    Great players, great memories.
  4. poncho72

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  5. ThunderHawk

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    Iowa is a football school.
  6. Blackhawk33

    Blackhawk33 Well-Known Member

    What school isn't?
  7. Illannoy
  8. Bluffhawk62

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    Pretty much any big east school
  9. shawk23

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    Great vid. Thanks. Im really gonna miss Angerer. Gotta love him coming out in a flannel shirt and wearing a pair of sh!t kickers. priceless.
  10. jsmith337

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    I heard Clayborn was talking to some the the OSU basketball players; he said something like "Tell TP I'm coming, and hells coming with me!"
  11. HaydensDad

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    Illinois and Indiana both have significantly more "fans" at their football games. Although it is a pathetic showing, I think they have at least 2-3 times the attendance at football games than basketball. I have no idea about Duke and don't really care.
    So, I agree that every school is a football school.
  12. HawkeyeShane

    HawkeyeShane Well-Known Member

    Not a fair comparison...number of fans in the seats is directly related to size of venue in some cases. I'd call Kentucky a basketball school.
  13. ShadasRevenge

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    Generally, football stadiums are bigger than basketball arenas, so it makes sense that a football game would have more fans. Duke probably gets more fans at their football games than they do for a basketball game, but you would never consider Duke a football school.
  14. HaydensDad

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    That what I am saying, Yes I would. Personally, they way I look at it is simply this: If there are more people attending gymnastics than field hockey, than the school is more of a gymnastics shool than a field hockey school. Just the way I look at it.
    The reason football stadiums are bigger than basketball arenas is because more people go, therefore that argument is silly.
    Anyway it was cool to see the team recognized. I was disappointed I didn't get to see more on BTN so it was good to see this video. Thanks!
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  15. ShadasRevenge

    ShadasRevenge Well-Known Member

    So you're saying that in your mind, Duke is a football school? I just want to be clear on that.
  16. Southernhawk

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    Did no one start to chant USA! USA! when Stanzi came out?
  17. HaydensDad

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    Duke basketball capacity: 9,314
    Duke football capacity: 33,941
    So yes, since they have >3X capacity for football, they are a football school.
    They averaged >20,000 in attendance for football.
    I just saw that Duke sold out every basketball game last year. Granted its a small stadium and its easy to do when your winning, but still pretty impressive.
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  18. HawkeyeShane

    HawkeyeShane Well-Known Member

    I don't recall anyone running a story on students camping out around Duke's football stadium to get a seat for a game. Just because your football stadium holds more and tickets probably cost less, thus making your attendance higher, doesn't make you a "football school"...
  19. heitland

    heitland Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting!
  20. ShadasRevenge

    ShadasRevenge Well-Known Member

    What is Duke better known for, football or basketball?
    Which Duke program do you think the casual sports fan is more familiar with, football or basketball?
    Name a player or two from the Duke football and basketball teams.
    When you think of Duke University, what is the first thing that comes to mind?