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  1. PCHawk

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    I saw a tweet that Wadley is the all time leader for average yards per carry for Iowa runningbacks who have at least 1000 career yards. Pretty impressive stat.
  2. GotTimDodge

    GotTimDodge Well-Known Member

    Deace is right, Wadley needs touches.
    How cool would it be to see both Daniels and Wadley on field at same time?
  3. uihawk82

    uihawk82 Well-Known Member

    Yep, fake it do Daniels on a power run off left guard and tackle and have Wadley or Mitchell swing out to the right and watch the defense try to guard that. CJ can be in shotgun reading the defense to see if he wants to handoff or keep and throw the ball to Wadley if no one covers him or to another receiver.

    heaven forbid our OC would ever try something like this.
  4. loesshillshawk

    loesshillshawk Well-Known Member

    Nebraska made a living running this for years back in the TO days!
  5. tksirius

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    It's kinda sad that 2 of our running backs are our best receivers.
  6. ChosenChildren

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    Can Daniels block???
  7. thefizz

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    Wadley is clearly Iowa's most dynamic player and best running back on the team. Health permitting, he should never have less than 15 touches per week. However, at 5'10-11" and 191 lbs, I would be hesitant to give him anything more than 23-24 touches on a weekly basis. I'm not saying that in a tight game, he shouldn't have that 25-30 touch game, but I wouldn't do that week in and week out.
  8. Joshbrown

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    Wadley = Ronnie Harmon . . . or is it Mitchell that equals Ronnie Harmon? Either way let's scheme so we can get them some Ronnie Harmon numbers.

    Let the "lol"s commence.
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  9. tksirius

    tksirius HN's Love Doctor

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  10. mrolympia

    mrolympia Well-Known Member

    neither wadley nor mitchel was paid to throw the rose bowl, but not like it mattered much
  11. Joshbrown

    Joshbrown Well-Known Member

    What I want to know is who was paid off for last season's Rose Bowl? Those two games had the same punch-in-the-gut feeling. 45-28 vs 45-16 separated by 30 years. Both opponents from California. Same post-game rankings. Anyone else hearing Twilight Zone music??
  12. Ickehawk

    Ickehawk Well-Known Member

    Draw that up right away and send it to..........gregory-davis@hawkeyefootball.com It's failproof!!! Lol...
  13. Ickehawk

    Ickehawk Well-Known Member

    Huh??? Are you (tk) sirius?????
  14. ArvadaHawk

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    I don't recall the last time Mitchell carried the ball or actually had a reception. To me, both AW and LD have break away ability. I have been happily surprised at LD's top end speed. To me, the key is scheming to allow both AW and LD to go against no more than 6 or 7 in the box. That means running from 3 wide passing formations; which means you need to start throwing the ball to sell the formations.
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  15. uihawk82

    uihawk82 Well-Known Member

    This is a big key and what the hawks were doing in the first 2.5 games. I would add keeping CJ under center where it looks more like run but have 3 wides or split Kittle out wide and if the defense doesnt match the receivers CJ throws that quick out and we gain 5-10 yards. As you say when the defense adjusts taking players out of the box you can run.
  16. bogeyman

    bogeyman Well-Known Member

    This x100. Been saying for a few years we need to find ways to get our best playmakers on the field at the same time. Not sure why a D1 Coaching staff wouldn't feel the same way.
  17. ArvadaHawk

    ArvadaHawk Well-Known Member

    If you go back and watch AW's 54 yarder, the saftety (7th man) left the box at the snap to move closer to the 3 WR side. He then had to reverse course to help support the run away from 3 WR's and he had a horrible angle and was not under control and this help spring AW loose.

    I believe the saftety acted this way because we passed on 12 of 19 plays in our previous 3 possessions. The safety honored the formation at the snap. I think we can be a much better running team if we do pass more often.
  18. Hawkfnntn

    Hawkfnntn Well-Known Member

    Formations and the down and distances have a lot to do with how things go too. I just think picking up the pace would help. Iowa has a SR qb that should be able to get us lined up faster and get the snaps off sooner. Letting the play clock run under 5 every time does a couple things. It not only has Iowa in a hurry to snap it before getting a flag (Iowa has had a lot of presnap penalties this year and I think having the line over the ball for that long every play can affect that) They get itchy and want to fire off. It also affects the plays per game obviously hence the touches our best players can get. I don’t see a reason Wadley and Daniels both can’t get over 15 touches a game. 15 should be the floor unless we are in a blowout.
  19. HawkGold

    HawkGold Well-Known Member

    We will never know the truth about the Harmon thing. Harmon didn't cause the defense to be ripped to shreds. The opponents said they knew what Iowa was going to do on defense and when they were going to do it. Always felt that if a team had a long time to study HF teams they could pick them apart. Got so tired of draw plays, shovel passes and prevent defense. KF is much more predictable.
  20. kicker22

    kicker22 Well-Known Member

    Lucky for us Iowa football is anything but predictable. Sorry couldn't resist.
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