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Discussion in 'Football' started by Zstatman, Feb 5, 2020.

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  2. Zstatman

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    I see the Cooke kid is from Spencer Petrs' high school.

    They all look good to me.
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    It seems like OL, TE, and FB have been the positions at Iowa where walkons have had the greatest success, so I am keeping my eye on Wilson, Fahey, and Ormiston.

    I also think Wegener is intriguing. Good size, good speed (11.29 at Drake), dominant in Iowa 3A.

    112 rush, 1422 yards, 12.7 yds/rush, 24 TDs
    35 rec, 708 yards, 20.2 yds/rec, 6 TDs
    3 punt returns, 136 yards, 45.3 yds/ret, 2 TDs

    That productions doesn't guarantee a good P5 player, but it is good to see none the less. I am always worried about the guys who impress at a camp but aren't consistently making winning plays on the field (the equivalent of NFL combine warriors).
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    Don't we have a couple of players or commits from Lena Winslow HS already on the roster?

    Also, for a small school kinda in the middle of nowhere, Waukon seems to turn out a lot of good football players. I'd love to see Fahey develope into a contributing player just so we can call him the"walk-on from Waukon"
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    The walk on program makes so much sense. By definition, these are kids that have a chip on their shoulder and are determined to show the world that they deserve a scholarship. Many of them are successful and have made a difference for Iowa over the years.
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    My father struck up a friendship with Nick Easley's dad before his first year at Iowa (teammate of mine at BVU was good friends with him in HS), so he got to hear an inside view of Iowa while he was there.

    Walk-ons at Iowa are treated with the same respect, coaching, and opportunities that even the highest-level recruit is, and as a result guys like Easley, Dallas Clark, Jake Gervase, Brett Greenwood, and the countless others are really allowed to excel. I'm sure Iowa isn't the only school that does it this way, but I'm proud that they're one of the few that do.
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    As long as the friendship was at least 1 day before Nick enrolled, your father could have paid Nick Easley $1 million and not violated NCAA rules.

    -Source: Ohio State compliance department
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    Could be some future NFL players here. Best in the business at doing such
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    I would say, fullback, free safety, punter, offensive guard, kicker seem to be the most common success stories for walk-ons. We see an occasional defensive tackle, tight end or strong safety make the depth chart.
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    @BVHawk95 had to use that million bucks to pay for 4 years at BV ;)

    Don't worry, I graduated from Briar Cliff which isn't much cheaper...
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    It was always a long walk back to the dorm from the registrar's office...
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    You know those “exit counseling” things they make you go to if you had fed loans? (maybe you didn’t, not sure...)

    Anyway, when I was at mine I sat next to a kid talking to his buddy about how he financed 4 years, no grants, no scholarships.....tuition/books/housing/meal card....to the tune of $120 something grand at Briar Cliff. And that was like 15 or 16 years ago. He seriously acted like it wasn’t no thang. I would have puked on my shoes.
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    My dumb ass liked school enough that I decided to screw around too much my freshman year, so I had to take a 5th year.
  14. Fryowa

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    However, in the words of the great Matthew McConnaughey, “That’s what I love about these [college] girls, man. I get older; they stay the same age...”
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    And don’t feel bad. I went to tech school right out of HS and graduated from a powerline program before I went back and did my bachelors.
  16. okeefe4prez

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    My parents had a divorce decree where my dad was going to pay 40% of my college, my mom was gonna pay 30% and I was on the hook for the rest. My old man says to me "You have to document every nickel of expense and I ain't paying you a penny until you prove that your mother has paid her 30%."

    I wasn't gonna hold my mom to paying for any of my school, so I told my old man to get bent and went to DMACC for 2 years and just paid cash. I graduated from Drake with $12k in loans, which was all the god damned money in the world back then. I remember rolling into the exit thing and there was some kid from Chicago who had a balance north of $120k on his loan balance. The dude had been in one of my classes and was a bit of a douchenozzle and I remember him bragging about how he didn't work and shit. I worked 2 jobs. When he got his loan statement, this dude was white as a ghost and he wanted to see mine. Dude was stunned mine was only $12k on second look. He had no fucking clue how it was possible. And that was 20 years ago. Anyone who walks out of any undergrad school in Iowa with over 6 figures in debt is a total moron.
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    I did my first two years at NCC. In today’s world anyone who pays for four years at a public or private school is a compete idiot. And I mean total idiot.

    Your first two years of college are just a redo of high school all over again, and they’re taught by TAs anyway. It might have been an ok thing to go 4 year straight outta the gate twenty or thirty years ago, but now you’re doing nothing but lighting cash on fire. I told my kid if he decides to go after a bachelors and doesn’t get his first two years at a CC he’s not getting any material help from me. Luckily he’s a major tight ass at age 13 already and we’re on the same page. They even have unlimited free credits for high schoolers now.

    The days of rah rah sis boom bah, yay [college]! are over for anyone who has to pay for it.

    I learned more by working full time while going to college full time (and paying for it) than I ever did in all my classroom hours combined.

    If I’m doing the hiring and have to take a bachelors degree guy or girl, I’ll take a the one who went CC first every time because I know they’re not fucking idiots with money, and hence they’re probably not idiots working for my company.
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    Will you come talk with my students about this? They all think they have to pay $35000 because it makes it a better college. I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "YOU went to junior college?" I just say, "Yep, because it was free. I wasn't going to pay $15000 a year to take US History and Music Appreciation when I could take that stuff for free."
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    Unless you’re in a specialized field the first two years is just a money grabbing scam. I got a minor in HR (why I did that I’ll never know; I’ll never use it) and took compensation management my second year at NCC to try and get a head start. Went to transfer it to Briar Cliff and they said it wasn’t accepted and I had to take it again (and obviously pay for the credits again).

    Guess who taught it at Briar Cliff? The same goddamn instructor who was working adjunct at both schools. Literally the exact same book, syllabus, and tests. Absolutely identical class down to a T. The prof was actually a fairly good dude, I’ll admit I showed up maybe three times other than test days and he never said anything. I already had the notes, and I had already sat through the whole thing.

    He knew it was a joke but it wasn’t his fault. We were both actors in the same comedy, just different roles. And I was three grand poorer.

    For some reason that was the only HR class that didn’t transfer. The answer we got was some bullshit about how it was a 301 class instead of 101 or 201 and so they had different requirements, blah blah blah, but the fact that it was the same material and same instructor tells you they don’t give a fuck about auditing the content.
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    With room and board, U of South Carolina is about $27k. The kid who lives next door to me was all set to go and balked when they sent him his financial aid package, which contained $0 of scholarships and grants. He backed out at the last minute and went to Greenville Tech for free because the Education Lottery funds pay about 100% of the costs of juco. Dude was shocked when I told him I went to juco and that unless you got family money paying for it or get a lot of grants, 4 years of college just ain't worth it.

    In some regards, I think juco is higher quality than the big state schools. I had a few history classes from the same prof and this guy had a rolling boulder socratic method teaching approach. No way you're getting a 100 level history class at a big state school with 30 people and mandatory speaking once every other week.
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