Watch Wisky's pulling guard power action

Discussion in 'Football' started by uihawk82, Oct 20, 2019.

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    I know Wisky lost yesterday. They had the yards on offense but 3 turnovers and giving up a 70 yard td run will do that.

    I dont watch their O Line intensely but when you do it is easy to see one of their main power blocking schemes.

    They seem to actually call a hole or gap to run to and pull a lineman from the other side into that hole/gap. Of course Taylor does much of the rest. They have been doing this for a long time. Back in the early Alvarez days they did use a lot of stretch and zone blocking.

    I know when BF was run game coordinator he had some more varied run schemes, like pulling linemen, rather than just inside and outside zone. I wonder if this Iowa line and run game might get better results blocking straighter ahead with double teams and pulling linemen rather than blocking more laterally in zone blocking.

    Just fire out and push them back.
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    Especially in short yardage.

    Account for every hat with a hat of your own on no one should shoot a gap and hit your ballcarrier in the backfield.
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    We ran exactly this on our last TD.

    The OZ isn't dead, but it certainly needs to be supplemented. I really question why we no longer pull as much, especially when we had a solid diversity in the run game when BF was the run game coordinator.
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    Yes, and Green Bay went mainly to zone blocking. But you have to have the running backs with great feet who can plant and cut back to any hole
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    We haven’t been in the top 50 in 10 years, including the BF run coordinator years. I’d say it’s time to seriously look at revamping our blocking schemes. Wisconsin is a perfect example of what works. If we can do anything at a top level, it should be blocking.
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    Being -2 in turnovers hurts a team? Who'd a thunk that?
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    We used to do a fair amount of pin and pull stuff with Daniels, as he had really good feet. We have that man block "slant" play that I have detailed on this site at some point in the past, which is really just an angle man-on blocking scheme where we use a FB/TE to cut off backside pursuit.

    And that Wisconsin stuff is as old as the day is long...mashing OL with physical FB's and downhill RB's. As an example...