Way to early starting 5 (next year)

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    I would add that Fran has found lots of guys like White. But the big boys scoop them up before we get them signed. I’m hoping this is another Ulis...that didn’t blow up until he was a Hawk.
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    I won’t be surprised if he plays a little too fast or out of control at first. Then as the year goes on he calms down and slows down and is a difference maker the last half of conference season and in the postseason.
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    Exactly! It seems like most here think they can't...head scratching.
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    This is my expectation/hope as well. If you haven't yet, do yourself a favor and watch his NBPA Top 100 highlights. Yes, I know they're only the highlights, but his court awareness and handles are on full display. I especially love how he's always driving with a purpose, intentionally collapsing the defense and getting great looks for his guys or scoring with some really nifty moves around the basket.
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    Cool video I hadn’t seen that one. He certainly looked the part against some of the better high school players. Also there is a highlight in there where he hits a pull-up jumper over DJ Carton, hopefully we get to watch him score on Carton for the next four years.
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    What I notice.. too many bodies that can't all play. Going to be interesting...
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    I do really like his game. Reminds me a lot of Tyler Ulis highlights from when he was in HS except Toussaint is more physical.
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    I rest my case! Been pushing 4 a press most, if not all, of the game!
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    That's why CMc has to go, but you know he wants to play with his brother this year!
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    Start with the baseline:
    Garza Cook Wieskamp Moss JB

    That’s the starting 5 that got us 1 pt away from the sweet 16.

    If they all come back, you’re looking at 5 starters who will all average 10pts/gm in the B1G. Moss averaged 9 but, with Baer gone, the senior Moss likely gets some late game minutes that Baer got instead.

    Yes, we need some JoeT skill set. I’m hoping he can handle 10-12 minutes/gm. That’s a quarter of a game and would start to change up what Iowa can do.

    I’m figuring Connor’s minutes to go down and yet be more effective. The more minutes he plays, the more his weaknesses can be exploited. But he does have strengths that Iowa can use.

    If Connor plays, Patrick will too. He’d likely play some version of a Nic Baer role on the 2019 team. Remember, Patrick is a 4* player who averaged 45.3% from 3 this year. Forget the last name and think of that.

    If Cook leaves, Garza, Kriener, Nunge will be the main 4-5 rotation.

    Pemsl- energy spot specialist, Dailey-D spot specialist. Frederick is likely a spot shooter in 2019- maybe more if he shoots well in games.

    That’s basically a 9-10 man rotation depending on if Cook goes.
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    Wasn't Pat 45% on his threes this year? Sounds like he really worked on it in the off season with Speraw

    "Beyond putting up numbers Trojans coach Steve Bergman said he's never seen before at West, McCaffery may have been Class 4A's most efficient scorer. He netted his 25.1 points per game on 58.2 percent shooting, good for the best clip in 4A among players with more than 300 shots. He also shot 45.3 percent from long range."

    "You saw the 45.3 percent clip (24-for-53) from 3-point territory. When a 6-8 kid shoots like that from outside, you take notice.

    It was a marked improvement from last year, when McCaffery shot only 26.2 percent (17-for-65) from deep. He said he worked with Iowa assistant coach Kirk Speraw on his long-range stroke this past offseason.

    Before this year, McCaffery said his shot arc was flat. When he released the shot, his arm would go forward rather than up. Now, with a more refined stroke, McCaffery feels more confident in his 3-point shot than ever.

    "Just get it up," he said of his arm, "because most of the time when I get it up, (the ball) ends up going in."
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    The problem with pressing the whole game is if the other team has a quick guard or 2 that can dribble through it, or they can often beat it with passing, you you have a 4 on 2 or 4 on 3 situation where either it's an open look for someone or in the scramble to get back, there is a bad matchup that can be exploited.

    Also Fran uses the press and changing defenses to keep the offense off balance a little bit and to eat into the shot clock. When you play a team that switches defenses often then it takes a few seconds off the shot clock each possession to recognize it and setup your offense. I'm surprised we dont see a little more 1-3-1 defense on ocassion. Granted Iowa is consistently a bad defensive team so maybe focusing on only one defense would make them more effective in the long run.

    The idea though that having a 10 or 11 man rotation so we can play more up tempo on offense and defense hasn't worked with Fran as the coach. It seems to be to much for him to be able to manage getting 10 or 11 guys minutes and going with the hot hand at the end. I'd much rather see the best 8 maybe 9 guys on the floor for most of the game.
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    I saw that article too. PMac seems to want to not redshirt. I think the only way that he redshirt is if he gets hurt or a bad illness. I do think there is a part of his game that would benefit Iowa right away. He seems to have pretty good handles and passing skills for a player his size. Although he didn't shoot a lot of threes his senior year, he showed that he will knock down shots if you leave him open or give him too much space. He needs to add some serious strength though to be able to finish at the rim in the BIG 10.
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    Damn he must be really quick to play both spots. We could just have the other guard stand under our basket the whole game and throw the ball to him after each defensive rebound. Talk about fast break.:p
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    Good to hear that players out their love our style. I know that isn't always the case for football, especially at skill positions!
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    Nice. Thanks!
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    I thought Carter was an outstanding defensive player and very good overall. I’ll gladly take a carbon copy.
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    Obviously not a burner, CJ Frederick is probably quicker than Ellington was. But CJ did start in HS as a 6’0” PG before a growth spurt (plus his shooting) put him in the SG category. So he can probably handle pretty well.