Whar Fant?

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    Slight difference though.

    Kirk ran the shit out of ARob. 25-30 carries for several consecutive games including in the 4th quarter of the Sparty game when we were up big. Suffers concussion. Two weeks later suffers second concussion. Kirk declares in the media after that Ohio St game that "concussions are like knee injuries, just a part of football." Soon thereafter he also tells everyone that ARob is suffering from "academic indigestion". It is unclear to me what finally led to dismissal but ARob's mom was begging for Kirk to reinstate him.

    I have never understood a few things about this.

    1. Kirk doesn't evolve much. Have his views equating concussions to knee injuries evolved? How ignorant was that even for back then? One of those body parts can obviously be repaired and the other can't.

    2. Did ARob's concussions play a role in his "academic indigestion"? Did we know back then the side effects of concussions e.g. sensitivity to light, impulsive and erratic behavior, inability to concentrate, etc??

    3. Was ARob's "academic indigestion" an ongoing problem? If so, why did Kirk overuse him? To my recollection he was never suspended earlier in the year??

    Feel free to share your recollections of those events.

    Sorry, I have previously posted re this topic but has been years ago.
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    Seems to me that Kirk has lost this team. The locker room isn’t with Ferentz & co. There is an absolute rift. I don’t have any supporting evidence, but it just looks that way. The kids aren’t buying in this year. Fant might be near the top of the list.
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    Its 2010 minus the talent. Team has quit and coaches cant get them back.
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    I wonder if maybe Fant is a huge dbag or something?
    Just a pain in the ass to play with, coach, etc?
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    The mystery continues as why Fant isnt getting the ball. Its as if Stanley isnt really looking for him at all. There are other problems as well, the o-line isnt opening any holes for the backs to run through. It feels like after the Penn St. loss, they have just given up on this year and want this season over with. These guys arent really playing with any fire in their bellies. Somehow Ferentz and Co. has lost this team. What was even the gameplan coming into these games? Ferentz doesnt even hold himself accountable for the sudden drop into the abyss. Maybe the game has passed him by and he just doesnt get it anymore. Dont get me wrong, I love the guy, but we need to get this fixed. This even feels like the situation we was in with Rudock and it may be time to hand the keys over to Mansell next year. At least he gives as a RPO type of QB, and from what little we have seen of him, he may have a little of that gunslinger mentality. Well its official, the wheels have come off of this bus. Im gonna hate hearing from those Nebby fans when they beat us a few weeks from now. Pinstripe here we come again. And now a word from our sponsor...RotoRooter
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    I've been saying that for several years now. The guy is a vindictive petty control freak. His wife has one of the biggest elitist personalities I've ever experienced, and don't get me started on Brian's arrogance.
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    He's being punished for his brothers tweet, plus I'm sure he has told the coaches he's leaving after this year for the NFL.. His last game will be vs Nebraska. What's weird about his interview in this post, it doesn't even seem to bother him that his role has diminished. He's probably just waiting for the shit season to end so he can bolt.
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    have you met his wife Mary before?
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    I’d say it bothers him but he knows it could get worse. Fant not playing hurts the whole team. I posted earlier how much passing stats decline when Fant, Hockenson, and B Smith aren’t in the game. We end up putting some combination of Easley, Groeneweg and ISM which aren’t hard for good teams to cover.
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    What if he is? He’s 6’5” with a 42” vertical and good speed. That should count for something, particularly in the 4th quarter of a close game.
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    3 different times. Let's just say I wasn't surprised when her neighbor mentioned that Mary said "do you know who I am?" during the HOA/road dispute.
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    Definitely seems something is amiss. Not the first time maybe that KF has lost a team. 2006 and 2010., maybe 2014 also with Rudock vs CJB
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    Well not sure how Mary Ferentz converts to the play on the field but whatever. Yep KF might hold a grudge or something with his players sometimes which is too bad since he needs to be bigger than that and play the best players. Lots of examples of coaches and players letting bygones be bygones and working together when they dont like each other
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    I'm the wife of the highest paid public employee! I coddle his balls every night! The least I can ask for is not to pay a road paving bill that is equal to .0001% of our net worth!!!
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    I have little doubt Fant messed up that play late against PSU that resulted in the INT. And he’s messed up other times as well and it’s well documented that he can’t block.

    But Kirk has to figure out a way to get him on the field running simple routes. It’s not that difficult but Kirk makes easy things very difficult.
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    Do you know who I am is one of the doucheyest things anyone can ever say.
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    If Jon/Rob have the cajones, ARob would make for an interesting Where Are They Now topic.
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    I was thinking the same thing. Just seems like there is something going on inside the locker room that's not good. Hope I'm wrong, but that's my perception as I see it.
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    I called this after Purdue, once this team had nothing left to play for they would fall apart. They don’t have a team leader and the team appears to despise Kirk.
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    This is straight from the "piss on my leg and tell me it's raining" Kirk Ferentz quotebook right there. Laughable.

    There has never really been a shortage of head scratchers when it comes to how some of the play designs are drawn up and which personnel they are drawn up for. We have a guy like ISM who can be dangerous with the ball in space. I applaud them integrating some jet sweep into the offense to give him a running start; but yesterday we also threw about 5 bubble screens to Nick Easley. Nothing against Nick Easley, but one of the main tenets of getting the ball outside quickly is to give playmakers the ball in space to let them work. I am not sure where I'd rank Easley in terms of offensive playmakers, but I don't think I'd put him in front of ISM. I've made similar complaints in the past when we tried to throw deep balls to Easley, Kyle Gronewoeg (sp?), or going back a couple years, Matt Vandeberg. If you are going to throw the screens to space, throw it to someone who can do something with it. If you are going to throw a deep ball, if you have a mismatch great, but if you're going to throw a ball where you are relying on our guy to be better than their guy, let's aim for one of our gigantic TE's or someone who might be able to get a step on a defender.

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