What In The World Happened?

Discussion in 'Football' started by tksirius, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. deanvogs

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    They also think Frost should be coach of the year for winning 4 games. Putting any weight at all behind a Fusker media person is foolish.
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    Not true, and both of them possess some objectivity, believe it or not. Now, if you were talking about Steven Sipple, you'd be correct. You disagree with them that Iowa should have won the West?
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  3. tiberius

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    Big 10 West is what happened. Meat grinder schedule of powerhouses like Mn, Purdue, IL, Nebraska, NW, etc.
  4. koralakers

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    KF has MADE A LIVING from putting tons of good players into the NFL, while somehow finding a way to lose 5 games, every year. That's Football
  5. skinnykilmer17

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    OK, so according to you the coaches had nothing to do with 3 of our losses?

    Our punt returner seemed in over his head against Wisconsin. Is he really better than Hooker? And yes, but they are Illinois. Who coaches the special teams anyway? The players?

    Kirk decided to stick with a qb who arguably had the worst performance as a Hawkeye in the past 40 years at that position. College coaches bench players all the time, even qb's, because the main objective is to WIN. If the backup isn't ready after 1 1/2 years in the program then that is on the coaches too.

    Against Purdue, Phil and Kirk chose to stick with Moss well into the 3rd quarter after leaving him on an island where he got burned repeatedly. And we had an experienced backup who performed well once he was finally inserted.

    And against Nortwestern Fant might as well have been selling popcorn in the second half.

    But you keep living in your alternate universe Deano.

    Oh hey BTW, did you buy Kirk's clarification/explanation on his "Fant is a specialist" crack following Northwestern? If so, can you explain what "runs like a specialist" means?
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  6. mopkins

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    Below average running game, inconsistent quarterback play, poor wide receivers, poor punting, defense couldn't get clutch stops when needed the most.

    That's my summary of what went wrong.
  7. skinnykilmer17

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    Thanks for the reminder. Our punter currently ranks 133rd nationally at 39.6 yds/punt. Think about that for a moment. Our collegiate punter hasn't averaged at least 40 yards for 2 consecutive years now.

    Why would Kirk tolerate that you suppose (come on we all know the answer, right? team first??) and what happened to this supposed competition he hinted at several weeks ago?
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  8. deanvogs

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    Where did I say the coaches had NOTHING to do with all the losses? Of course players and coaches played a part in every win and loss.

    Also I'm not sure what to say to you if you think Mansell was gonna lead us to more wins than Stanley. Was Stanley perfect? Nope, but he is leaps and bounds ahead of Mansell, and pulling Stanley and playing Mansell would have lead to a 5 win season.
  9. deanvogs

    deanvogs Well-Known Member

    A Nebraska media member tweeted out that Frost should be B1G coach of the year. Should Iowa have won the west? Meh, I'm sure every fan base can go back and change two plays in a close loss and say "Welp, we should have won." Heck ISU fans do that every year about the Iowa game. I WISH we would have won the west, but I can't say we SHOULD have won the west, because we didn't earn it on the field. When you lose 4 of 6 close games, you probably didn't really "deserve" any better.
  10. The Big LeHAWKski

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    I'm curious how many high school punters just in Iowa averaged 40 or more yds for their season?
    Just sayin we can put a blindfold on, throw a dart at the map and offer whoever a scholly and easily do better than 39 yards.
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    Hopefully this opens up to the right page...


    **Edit - Nope, you have to click on the punting link at the top. But there you go!
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    The punting issue is unbelievable.
  14. uihawk82

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    No, what you say is wrong and you are wrong on this. In any sport where there are standings, MLB, NHL, NFL, Golf, whatever your record is your record is your record in the standings.

    If the Cubs and Cards finish the season at 90-72 behind the Brewers who were 91-71 then the Cubs and the Cards tied for 2nd place in their division even if the Cards won the head to head 8 games to 4. Same thing in the NHL in a division or a conference but you then look at tiebreakers in the NHL and NFL or NBA when teams are tied when it comes to who has home field, home ice, or home court advantage.

    The hawks tied for 2nd place in the West, now what you are talking about are tie breakers for so called bowl game assignments, but we all know that is all hocus pocus who brings the fans and eyeballs.

    Wisky, Purdue, and Iowa did not all play the same opponents so dont go saying that Iowa finished 4th and they all didnt have the same strength of schedule with home and away games.

    You are just trying to make the season seem worse than it is. The season is somewhat bad because I think Iowa is better overall than PSU, Purdue, and jNW but not on those days.

    Golf is the purest because in medal play the golfers are playing against par and against the course. Yet there will always be someone who says if two golfers tied one really played better because he/she overcame two triple bogies to tie someone who didnt have those bad holes
  15. uihawk82

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    No it isnt as you are not completely comparing items with two different characteristics, 2 play vs 3 ply is totally different products whereas three 5-4 teams are exactly the same in the win-loss columns
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    His uncle is a big donor.
  17. tksirius

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    Some of you guys sound like clown and/or husker fans.
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    Well it is fun to argue with you
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    "Iowa went 2-4 in tightly contested games. One of the losses on the special teams, one of the losses on the offense, one of the losses on the defense, and one of the losses on the coaches."

    Again, I repost what you said. Sure looks to me like you are only placing one of those losses on the coaches. Maybe you should have been more specific. Wait, is this a failure to execute thing??
    I place the blame for all 4 losses on the coaches. Doesn't the buck stop there?

    Re Stanley vs Mansell: I was never advocating benching Stanley permanently. During the Penn St game thread I, along with others, thought he should have been sat down for at least a few series; if not the game. His performance was EPICALLY BAD. Embarrassing for him and the coaching staff. I dare say we haven't seen a passing performance like that since Pete Gales or Bob Commings Jr. Stanley just didn't look right. Period. Even his facial expressions and demeanor were bizarre IMO.

    What kind of message did that send to the other players? Every single one of them, Rastetter notwithstanding, can be held accountable for their play on the field except the quarterback apparently? Or at least THIS qb? Why, because he is a good kid and works hard? That is what Kirk said the following Tuesday while defending him. Unbelievable. Aren't we here to win games? This is big boy football. I mean Kirk is getting paid that way. Is he not? To at least be relevant?

    I take it you can't help us out on "runs like a specialist"?

  20. skinnykilmer17

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    and...?? Keep going. You are getting there.