What Seniors Will Get Drafted?

Discussion in 'Football' started by EST1847, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. EST1847

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    By my count the Hawks have 15 seniors who'll be playing their last game at Kinnick this Saturday. Which seniors on this team get drafted in this spring's NFL draft. My thoughts on the ones I think will be drafted below:

    C.J. Fiedorowicz: NFL body overcomes lack of explosive plays and bad drops to get him drafted in the 4th round
    Brett Van Sloten: Late round pick as a project and I can see him sticking in the NFL for a few years
    James Morris: Late round pick, lack of speed hurts his draft stock, nose for the football and making plays gets him on a team though
    Anthony Hitchens: Late round pick but could fall to a free agent, a little too undersized
    Christian Kirksey: Same as Hitchens
    BJ Lowery: 2-4th round pick, another Hawk DB getting drafted and moving to safety ala Charles Godfrey and Amari Spivey

    Mike Meyer: Too tough to get drafted as a K, probably signed as a free-agent
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  2. ICHawk24

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    I think Kirksey is a player and someone in the NFL will realize it. I could see him become a large safety. The guy has wheels.
  3. Hawknick

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    Add Conor Boffeli to the draft list.
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  5. HawkIPA

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    This is just stupid and uncalled for.
  6. eveningnewsteam

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    Tanner Miller and Im not even joking. He will test great in the pro day drills. Someone will take a shot
  7. Stanzi

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    I know you said you aren't joking but I'm still not sure if you're serious...
  8. eveningnewsteam

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    I hear ya. But he's one of those kids that will test great on all the different drills. Ok maybe not get drafted, but will be in a camp.
  9. Hawknick

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    I almost forgot about Miller. Add him to the list also. Iowa safeties that start for 3 years tend to do well at the next level.
  10. MeatMan

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    two guarantees, and a few fringe dudes.

    CJF and Lowery will get drafted. Everyone else will have to first get an invite, and then test well at the combine to get drafted. Morris, Hitchens and Kirksey all have NFL special teams potential, but not really NFL LBer potential. No way Miller.

    Also, I wouldn't blame Scherff if he left early. Probably at worst an early second round pick. Tough to pass that up.
  11. MeatMan

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    Miller ain't in the same league as the guys you're talking about.
  12. EST1847

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    Don't think he's got the size to play inside at the next level
  13. Hawknick

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    At 6'5" 295 he's close.
  14. SteveL

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    BJ and CJ sure to be drafted though maybe more in middle rounds than 2-3

    Morris will be drafted based on his football intelligence as much as physical skills. KF is going to be strong advocate for him.

    Kirksey and Hitchens have both shown they can make plays but will be size concerns. I think late round picks.

    Van Sloten will be picked. Iowa OL usually get a chance after starting for two years.
  15. ICHawk24

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    Bofelli hasn't played all that well. I'd be surprised if he was drafted, though he will end up in someone's camp.
  16. jsmith337

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    According to the On Iowa Podcast, Morehouse talked with HawkeyeGameFilm, who is connected with the NFL disagrees with your assessment, apparantly he is grading out pretty well?
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  18. hawkeyegamefilm

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    I've watched CC tape from 7-8 games this season, and have liked what Boffeli has done this year. I'm of the mind that Boffeli has played at a similar level to former Iowa OG's Julian Vandervelde and Adam Gettis; both of whom were late picks and are still on NFL rosters. I could see someone drafting him late despite only starting a ~15 games in his career. Boffeli also has some added value because he has some position versatility being able to play both G & C.
  19. ICHawk24

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    I guess the NFL scout knows more than I do. :)
  20. DP5555

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    Hawkeyegamefilm... I'm curious if you see all three linebackers being drafted and if so what order? Who do you think has the most value?

    In my opinion, all three have great intangibles. Kirksey is more capable against the pass, Hitchens is better against the run, and Morris is sort of a solid mix of both. For that reason and simply because he has better size I think Morris would be the earliest pick. I have no idea what round he's being projected at though.