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Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by WVHawk, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. WVHawk

    WVHawk Well-Known Member

    Jon What happeneed to the What's New form?
  2. tweeterhawk

    tweeterhawk Well-Known Member

    Still seeing it in the amber line below the HN logo.
  3. damnfinn

    damnfinn Well-Known Member

    mines gone too
  4. 99topdawg

    99topdawg Well-Known Member

    Yesterday, when I read this, I didn't have the What's New tab either (on my Mac). Now, on my PC, I have the What's New, but I don't have the New Posts or the Thumbs Up Center. Weird.
  5. deanvogs

    deanvogs Well-Known Member

    Same here, guessing it is part of the home page fix that had to be done??
  6. Chickenlounge

    Chickenlounge Well-Known Member

    I still have the What's New, but I don't have the New Posts or Thumbs Up center.

    Chromium on Linux.
  7. 1977Hawkeye

    1977Hawkeye Well-Known Member

    I noticed it was gone yesterday too, but now it is back. Ok. :confused:
  8. damnfinn

    damnfinn Well-Known Member

    here one time gone the next, must be too many internet trolls messing with this site
  9. damnfinn

    damnfinn Well-Known Member

    ok this now sucks, I'm out til this is fixed. Adios
  10. 99topdawg

    99topdawg Well-Known Member

    The funny thing is, when I'm on the main page and do a Command-F and type in "What's New" it says there's one hit, near the top of the page, but it's not actually there.
  11. NCHawker

    NCHawker Well-Known Member

    I see what's new but can't see the thumbs up page anymore.
  12. Chickenlounge

    Chickenlounge Well-Known Member

    Odd that I can see the Thumbs Up center in the source, but it doesn't actually render on the page for me.

     <li id="link_mjuz_743"><a href="thumbs_center.php?">Thumbs Up? Center</a></li> 
    Now if I put "thumbs_center.php" after the /forum/ in the URL, it takes me there still. But the link is not showing on the page for me.