Where's iahawk20? Tiger woods thread...

Discussion in 'Professional Sports' started by trapperjon, Apr 17, 2013.

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    A couple of years ago I proclaimed that Tiger was back and that he would resume where he left off after the fire (infidelity fiasco) died down. Hawk20 proclaimed he might win a few more but would never surpass Jack's records for majors.

    Fast forward...and i'm starting to think he was right. The jury is still out, but I just don't see it happening now. Oh, he'll win again, and probably another major or two, but I now have doubts as to whether he'll surpass the major record.

    Besides that I miss his 'all night smoke' posts

    Where are you iahawk20, i'm here to eat crow.
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    I still think he will get there.
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    As a huge Nicklaus fan, I sort of hoping Tiger doesn't do it. It's nothing personal, but Jack was one of the 1st sports figures I really admired because of his class in winning and losing (finishing 2nd). If Tiger does it, Jack will hopefully be there to shake his hand.