White Makes the Cut to 16 at the WUG

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    Re: White aand Marble Both Made the Cut to 16 at the WUG

    12 make the final roster.
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    Re: White aand Marble Both Made the Cut to 16 at the WUG

    Update - Only White made it, not Marble.
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    June 26, 2013


    Hawkeye senior Roy Devyn Marble misses the cut

    Following three days of training camp at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, the USA Basketball Men's Junior National Team Committee today announced that University of Iowa junior Aaron White is one of 16 finalists for the 2013 USA Basketball Men's World University Games Team. Hawkeye senior guard Roy Devyn Marble did not make the cut.

    Training camp will continue in Colorado Springs through June 30, and the 12-member roster will be announced prior to the team's departure for Russia on July 1. The 2013 World University Games (WUGs) men's basketball competition will be played July 7-16 in Kazan, Russia.

    Named as finalists were: Spencer Dinwiddie (Colorado/Woodland Hills, Calif.); Yogi Ferrell (Indiana/Indianapolis, Ind.); Davante Gardner (Marquette/Suffolk, Va.); Treveon Graham (Virginia Commonwealth/Temple Hills, Md.); Jerian Grant (Notre Dame/Bowie, Md.); Luke Hancock (Louisville/ Roanoke, Va.); Tyler Haws (BYU/Alpine, Utah); Rodney Hood (Duke/Meridian, Miss.); Cory Jefferson (Baylor/ Killeen, Texas); Sean Kilpatrick (Cincinnati/Yonkers, N.Y.); Alex Kirk (New Mexico/Los Alamos, N.M.); Doug McDermott (Creighton/Ames, Iowa); Adreian Payne (Michigan State/Dayton, Ohio); Chasson Randle (Stanford/Rock Island, Ill.); Will Sheehey (Indiana/Stuart, Fla.); and Aaron White (Iowa/Strongsville, Ohio).

    Additionally, P.J. Hairston (North Carolina/Greensboro, N.C.) suffered an injury to his back during the evening session on June 25 and was not able to continue his participation.

    "The effort of this group was unbelievable, and it was very tough to get down," said Jim Boeheim (Syracuse University), chair of the USA Basketball Men's Junior National Team Committee. "Usually, it's pretty easy to get down to 16. It was not easy with this group. It was very difficult. Guys were very, very close in a two-day tryout. Another day, and it might have been a couple of different guys in there, but you have to take the guys that played the best, and those 16 played the best.

    "I think we have the nucleus of a really good team. We've got good big guys, we've got good wing players, we've got scorers, we've got shooters, so I think it's a balanced team. That's what you hope for on these teams."

    Davidson College's Bob McKillop will lead the USA, with assistant coaches John Beilein of the University of Michigan and Frank Martin of the University of South Carolina.
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    Good for Aaron. I gotta say tho that if I had to have predicted one to make the cut and one not, I would have bet on Marble to make it.
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    If marble was trying to make it as a pg there was no chance he would have made it. And as a shooting guard he would have had a better chance but still slim as he is a guy that needs the ball in his hands a lot and these types of teams want more team oriented play. White doesn't surprise me as he can be a difficult match up at the four and he is a hard worker that gets a lot of second chance opportunities.
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    I pretty much agree with this. Marble is a great pg fit for this Iowa team but not so much for a college select team. There are better pg's on the roster and he's not good enough as a strictly off the ball player to make it. Congrats to White though.

    And even though Marble didn't make it, getting a break from PTL games and scrimmaging your teammates to compete with other elite players for three days is a nice mid-summer wake up call.
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    Definitely good for Aaron. I wouldn't be concerned that Marble didn't make it, for previously mentioned reasons. Marble is still our best player, he's just not the right fit for this particular team.
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    if white makes the final cut

    he would be first since ? to make a national team?

    ronnie lester in '79?
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    Marble is kind of tween-er , Don't quite handle well enough for a one, Doesn't quite shoot good enough for a two, not quite big enough/rebound/defend the post well enough for a three. In these elites fields its tough a kid like Marble. Hope it fuels him to push harder. Great for Aaron can only help his game and confidence.
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    This is an honor for Aaron that he surely deserves, and notice to recruits about the direction the Hawks are taking.....

    Even if Aaron doesn't make the final cut, two Iowa players were chosen to compete for the team which is very good news and publicity.....

    Just makes me think big things are coming our way this year......

  15. BasketballMan

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    But isn't this the same kid who can't create his own shot? or can't hit a jumper? or only scores on garbage points? or only scores from the free throw line? Incredible how the folks at Team USA must see something a bit different than you do.
  16. tm3308

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    What did I just say? White fits what they're looking for. White is a guy that's on the border, according to people who have been watching this. He's not going to play a central role in what Team USA is doing, unlike what he does at Iowa. His skill set might fit what they're looking for out of a bench player perfectly. Iowa doesn't depend on him to be a good bench guy.

    Incredible how a player's role on the team can impact how coaches view him.
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    What struck me in reading the article was how they spoke of how much the group hustles and works hard.

    Aaron White is a guy that does that...AJ Hammonds when he wants.
    Yogi Ferrell is a guy that does that...RDM well, I can't say that in watching him in his career.

    What else it says to me is that White has improved for one and that Belien still doesn't like Marble...:rolleyes:

    In all honesty it gives me a better indication of what I thought before last season, White was Iowa's best player, but he didn't show it all the time during the season by limiting himself in not taking mid-range shots and struggling from the 3-pt line to start the season. White has to improve overall on his shooting, he is a tough player and when he is making shots he is one of the best players in the Big Ten because of his intangibles. White, at times for me anyway, was a very frustrating player to watch, but he was just a sophomore, no more "young" talk anymore and being out of position, he just has to be who he is.

    Some folks think a little bit more of RDM that what he really is and I am not bashing him when I say that. Good player, not great and he doesn't have to be, just needs to play within himself and he could be better than good.
  18. tm3308

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    This sounds dangerously like "potential" :p
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