Who is leaving who is coming back?

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    Bingo. Jake Rudock cemented his starting position and it's his for a long time unless he starts making bonehead play after bonehead play. He'd have to crash and burn pretty hard for him to lose the starting nod. After watching him this year, do you think that's going to happen? He's digested so much and learned so much this year about situation football and extending plays with his feet. This kid is the reason we are 8-4, and you need only go back to the past three games to figure out what he's meant. The NW touchdown pass, comeback after playing poorly in the first half against Michigan, and the throws he made yesterday against Nebraska. The TD throw to CJ, the dropped TD to KMM and the subsequent TD to KMM, those throws were money in tight coverage. He makes plays to win games.

    People keep talking about Beathard...what the hell. He was 4-15 or whatever against Wisky, and hasn't lighted anything up when he's played. He runs well...great, cause that is all we have seen quite frankly from Beathard.

    Oh, and Jon, way to feed the trolls and morons. Now the KF haters will be calling for Beathard every incomplete pass next year.
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    QB - Jake Rudock will start next season. Kirk's not one to let go of a bird in the hand on the chance of two in the bush. Not losing anyone.

    RB - Everyone is back. Not losing anyone.

    FB - Cox has become a very good blocker. He'll start. Not losing anyone.

    WR - KMM, Smith, Powell, Hillyer, Meerkat, and McCarron all saw action this year and have promise to take it to the next level. We lose Shumpert and Cotton, who both had a couple flashes but struggled to consistently catch the ball their entire careers.

    TE - Still deep. Hamilton, Duzey, Kreiger-Coble, and Kittle have all seen playing time and each has shown flashes in one area or the other. If you mixed those four together, they'd be the perfect TE. Hopefully we can mix them up in a way that utilizes their stengths. Losing CJF hurts, but there is still some potential.

    LT/RT- Most likely Schreff is LT if he stays, but it is totally possible that Ward takes over at LT if Scherff leaves or decides he wants to move to a position he has a chance of playing in the pros. Ward or Donnal will take over for Van Sloten. This could end up being an upgrade imo.

    LG/RT - Both guards could see some shifting. Walsh, Ward, Donnal, or one of the younger guys coming up could win either job.

    C - Blythe took a huge leap this year as the starting center.

    DT- Excellent with good depth. LTP and Davis wrecked havoc this year, and kept Morris, Hitch and Kirksey free of blocks. LTP and Davis work really well together, and compliment each other very well. Cooper and Johnson also saw some significant time.

    DE - Ott has cemented himself at LE. He plays the run and contains the QB pretty darn well, and that's what you want out of that position in the Iowa offense. RE is a bigger question mark. Alvis will be gone, and his replacement at times this year has been Hardy. However, the one thing Iowa's defense could really use is a dynamic pass rusher on the blind side. I would not be surprised to see Spearman or Meiers or possibly even Faith move out to the blind side next year and win the job.

    LB - After looking over the roster, I wouldn't be too surprised to see one of the redshirts make a run at a starter, either. Guys like John Kenny, or even Josie Jewell have a legit chance. It all kind of depends on what positions are open. Alston will probably replace Morris, but could end up replacing Hitch, too. Spearman might end up being a DE. We could sure use someone at RE with some pass rushing ability, and I am not sold on Hardy being that guy. One of the guys the replacements is going to have to be able to cover Kirksey's position, and that usually falls to the best athlete of the group. Wouldn't be surprised to see a young DB move in here. It's a wide open race with a couple favorites and some promising depth.

    CB - Losing Lowery will hurt, but King has the potential to be better than Lowery was. Lomax has shown signs. Draper's been inconsistent to say the very least, but should be servicable as a nickel with another year to learn how to tackle.

    SS - Lowdermilk will never be great, but he was pretty darn consistent this year. He's strong against the run. Might move to FS. If so it is wide open. Law's seen time, but hasn't figured out the scheme yet. Always possible a young guy could win the job.

    FS - Again, it's possible that anybody, and I mean anybody could win this job. Judging by history, it is likely that Iowa's next FS is Johnny Soybean from Keosaqua.
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    Looks like his poor decision making extends further than the football field then. Good luck to him if he decides to leave.
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    I like law. I asked about him and was told he just can't learn the defense. Hope that changes.
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    He has proven to be a weak link defending the passing game, I'm wondering since he hasn't caught on by now, next man up?
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    So much laffy in this thread. Great way to pass a Sunday night.
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    I agree - the "insider" up in here seems to have the makings of a real half-wit :)
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    One of them is a smart kid actually. If Jon would like he can email me. I'll email him my class schedule, and some names. I'm not gonna put them out for all you weirdos who fantasize that it was you getting the insight.

    if you don't want an inside look then just move along. You didn't even address the main topic you just expressed your obvious butthurt in the situation and tried to appear witty.
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    Man I hope Beathard don't leave he is the only player from TN that is on the roster. I like seeing a TN kid playing for the HAWKS
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    2009 UNI Conference Champs
    2013 UNI 7th place. (yes, ISU got their ***** handed to them by the 7th place team from the Missouri Valley Conference)

    All I am saying is that game SHOULD NOT BE CLOSE.
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    If Ferentz starts Rudock next year (for the whole season), then Beathard will, IMO, transfer out. IMO, too many programs are already coveting Beathard. I'll be like him being recruited all over again. But then okeef will say: who wants him if he may not stay?<P> This is a glaring example of the difference between being a Hawkeye fan and a Ferentz fan.
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    Has Rudock made any bone head plays this season?? How many INTs has he had this season? How many fumbles? How many yards has he made running (subtract sacks, for this comparison)? What's his arm strength compared to Beathard? The answers to all those questions give you the undeniable fact that Beathard gives more offense at the QB position than Rudock... Then again, I realize some Hawk fans (and Curt F) don't want more offense at the QB position.. Which make those fans and Ferentz a small minority in college and pro football... They must know so much more than anyone else in football.
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    Let's not forget CJB was the one who threw it at our FBs feet on a 2 yard out pattern on Saturday. I have been more than impressed with Jake this year, and he will be our QB the next 2 years.
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    Good for you. You can explain your opinion to every pro football coach (who would disagree with you) and just about every college coach except Iowa, of course, (and Oklahoma, who's finally replaced their QB with the more athletic QB), who would disagree with you. What do you know that they don't?
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    Sometimes I wonder if Law could be moved up to the LB spot that Kirksey vacates. Sometimes he has to cover, which he shouldn't have a problem with, and sometimes he needs to be run support. Sounds like he hits people...

    I am a little concerned about the LB corps. Why? The 17-year old Spearman blew by all of the LBs except Alston and our 3 starters. Hopefully, coach Reid and LaVarr will be all over the youngsters during the extra practice time during bowl prep.

    A friend of mine played with both Gilson and Perry at Urbandale High and said not to sleep on Gilson. this friend was a year ahead of Gilson and 2 years ahead of Perry. He said that Gilson was just "better all-around than Perry. Bigger, faster, hit harder." Who knows? Hopefully LaRon Taylor, Kenney, Jewell and Gilson are all pushing hard and competing, too.

    As far as CJ, I would hate to lose him, because a good back-up QB is crucial. However, given a choice between having Scherff come back vs CJ come back - if I HAD to choose, I would choose Scherff. Hopefully, we don't lose both.

    Prior to Purdue, I was convinced we would also lose Canzeri. I think he has had enough success, here lately, that he feels good about his role and we won't lose him, now. Thankfully!

    Probably lose at least one of Malloy or Hill in the RB stable.

    Let's hope we don't lose anyone to an off-season "incident." Either during bowl prep or this spring/summer.
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    I'm sure somebody can go back and find it but I read on here and it was gamedayfilm who stated that he thought Sherff was gone. So based on both him and Jon both predicting him to be gone, I think we lose our best offensive player this year.

    In terms of QB, I'm sure Beathard has the higher ceiling than Ruddock but I give Ruddock the edge on the intangibles and there is nothing I have seen this year that shows the competition to be that close. I'd be shocked if CJ can make that big of a jump in the offseason.
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    Spearman, Alston, Laron Taylor.. did John Kenny redshirt this year?

    Those might be 4 capable guys for the rotation. You'd like to see more though. Depth might be a big issue.

    Can a much more developed and deeper Defensive Line than we've seen for awhile next year help cover up that lack of depth/experience?
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    Landing Quanzell Lambert a couple years back woulda really quieted the concerns as we graduate 3 SR LBs..
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    Question about who is leaving. Ferentz is full at scholarships, yet plans on signing 2-4 more players. Someone has to be going. Who?
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    This thought that we have "beasts" ready to come in at LBs is wishful thinking. We are losing a great LB core and to expect anything other than a steep drop off for at least the first few games is ignorant, despite what your "sources" say.