Who is next Wadley type receiver?

Discussion in 'Football' started by uihawk82, Mar 2, 2019.

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    Wadley's receiving skills and YAC were great. I still think his last minute TD in Ames in 2017 was one of the great offensive plays in Iowa history considering the play itself and the score, time in the game, and position on the field.

    I think it is bad that in Wadley's early years he wasnt in the slot more often when Leshun or Canzeri etc were in the RB position. If a team didnt cover him you just throw him the ball and let him run and dance through the defense or otherwise the D has to take a guy out of the box head up on him.

    Should the hawks not use IKM or Sargeant sometimes alternating in the slot with a receiver while another top RB is in the backfield? this might be needed to take defenders out of the box and get all the best playmakers on the field more often
  2. guffus

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    You never know, but I believe there is some hope that incoming freshman Tyler Goodson can be the next Wadley. He's got the speed.
  3. ibahawkeye

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    IKM seems to me much more like the Wadley type of a guy you want in space as opposed to in between the tackles.
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    Nobody. We don't have one on the team.
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    I missed you. I started to feel just too optimistic, and needed someone to bring me down without a shred of evidence.
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