Who reviews the refs?

Discussion in 'Football' started by archiehawk, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. archiehawk

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    The crew that did the Iowa/Nebraska game were totally inept. Who reviews the job they did? I would suggest none of them should be retained by any conference.
  2. kameltoez102

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    besides a few top tier crews the drop off is pretty steep across the nation. I think part of it is crews are so uptight about calling something but then the inconsistency on booth reviews are crazy. Perfect example would be the targeting calls for both Stone vs Illinois and the the targeting against ISM. I have watched many games where those would be targeting and neither were called even after review. As long as crews are consistent during the game and call both teams for the same things I don’t have a problem but that is really where most people have issues. Also some units on some teams get special treatment cough (Michigan secondary) cough and can get away with just about anything
  3. pythagoras

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  4. Ben Rumson

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    Must of been a 12 crew
  5. homes

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    The running into the kicker penalty was bogus too.

    AIRHAWK Well-Known Member

    The end of the game after Duncans dagger they were trying to come up with something to call. They couldn't believe Iowa overcame all of their BS calls.
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  7. koralakers

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    Not having Stone for first half wudda hurt. Although in that case no targeting called on the field. And that was dicey at best.

    REVERSING the one on Sat was a head scratcher. ALMOST cost us a chance to win game. Luckily it didn’t.

    In the end they both worked out for us, thank goodness.

    AIRHAWK Well-Known Member

    Until very late in the game they only had 2 penalties called against them
  9. haydensly

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    The league office reviews the performance of referees. I think there is a supervisor of officials? Their performance will be scrutinized but I doubt we'll hear anything about it. It will remain private, which is a shame.
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  10. homes

    homes Well-Known Member

    Here's another one. Koerner makes the pick. The Nebraska OL head butts him. Penalty flag. Yes, targeting. 15 yards. Time to take a couple of shots down the field. But wait, what's that? It's a sideline warning on Iowa. For what? Complaining that the refs missed the head butt. Fast forward. Sargent fumbles. The Nebraska team comes on the field. That's ok, just a little celebration. Don't get me wrong. Iowa let Nebraska back in this game in the third quarter, but still, the refs did not have a good game.
  11. westender

    westender Well-Known Member

    Who reviews the replay official? That dude had to be wasted too.
  12. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    Come to think of it if Nico's play was overturned and ruled incomplete, then what did that make David Bell's game winning "catch" in overtime a few years back. Definitely not a reception.
  13. smitharooney

    smitharooney Well-Known Member

    News flash. BIG10 refs could give two shits who wins these games. It's not horse collar if the runner falls forward. It wasn't targeting on the game winning drive. Replay showed shoulder to shoulder. The Ragani catch was somewhat puzzling because i felt the processed had been completed with his knee down before he started the roll. Otherwise both teams got calls and no calls
  14. hawkeyebob62

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    JFC, LTG. The horse collar rule makes NO mention of "player being pulled forward". None.

    The targeting rule has nothing to do with whether the tackler used head, shoulder or fist, it's whether the player that is hit is defenseless, and whether or not the hit was ABOVE THE SHOULDERS of said defenseless player. If you saw neither of those occur, it means one, tow, or all three things below, or possibly both:
    1) You're blind
    2) You didn't see the game
    3) You WANTED those calls to go against Iowa because you don't root for Iowa
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  15. SteveGarvey1

    SteveGarvey1 Well-Known Member

    We had to overcome the Red Shirts, the Black Shirts and the striped shirts that game. It's amazing we escaped with a W.
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  16. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    Not to mention the ones who should have been in the orange jumpsuits. That's another color that comes into play when Nebraska is involved.
  17. IowaHawkeyeFB

    IowaHawkeyeFB Well-Known Member

    When Iowa was called for running into the kicker and then no intentional grounding on Nebby, I knew something was up.
  18. Zstatman

    Zstatman Well-Known Member

    My understanding is the B1G has an officiating office and people from that group evaluate every play of B1G games.

    That said, we will likely never hear how this game graded out.
  19. Fryowa

    Fryowa Well-Known Member

    Have an acquaintance who is in his second year working Big Ten football. Started with HS, then NAIA for the GPAC Conference, and then went up through D3/2/1.

    Per him...

    There are 8 referees on the field, 2 onsite in the booth of the stadium, and 3 in the league office watching the game live. Those 3 in the conference office are not watching multiple games, they are assigned to that game and that game only for the duration.

    Immediately after the game they have roughly 30 minutes to shower and get dressed, and immediately after that they have a game review session with a "game observer" who is a senior official and also employed by the conference. They review points of emphasis that the observer saw, and are rated on an individual level and as a crew. Lasts about 2 hours on average.

    This happens after each game no matter what time it is, if it's a 6:30 kick they probably won't head to the hotel until midnight, i.e. they don't wait until the next day if it gets late.

    He makes around $3,000 per game for B1G, plus travel expenses and air fare if needed, also has a flexible full time job. Would NOT be worth $30,000 gross wages to me. Fuck That. You'd have to either be a special breed or have aspirations of becoming an NFL ref where the money is huge. The guy I'm referencing here is a Type-A, climb a mountain because it's there kind of dude.

    This part is per me, take it for what it's worth, which is worth what you paid for it...

    It is ridiculously hard to get to that level and the amount of prep you have to go through every week is insane. If you think any of those guys are diving to make a certain team win you're fucking stupid. Everyone here (myself included) would tilt like a pinball machine if you stepped on that field to make calls. Some people are better than others just like any other job, but you have to be insanely good and have a lot of years of evaluated experience before you even get a look. Even then you literally have to luck into the job at the right place and right time.
  20. haydensly

    haydensly Well-Known Member

    Interesting stuff, I did not realize there were that many people involved, especially assigned to watch the game live and review everything immediately following the game.

    I'm pretty sure the officials in the Iowa-Nebraska game got an earful of "opportunities" after this one. I think these officials just had a bad day. I would have a very hard time believing these officials on are the take, or that the B1G forces its hand to make a certain team to win or lose. It would have to involve too many people and there is no way everyone keeps quiet on something like that.