Who stepped up after the ejection? That is the real problem on this team.

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by tednugentfan, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. tednugentfan

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    McCaffrey gets tossed for sticking up for his guys and how does the team respond? Well, for Marble and White, they responded well and did their best to keep us in the game. As for the rest of the team, it was choke city again. On the other hand, see Wisconsin for guys who stepped. Brust, Gasser, Jackson and an 0-9 Dekker all hit big 3's. Wisconsin had nothing going offensively other than swinging the ball from baseline to baseline and finding open guys who MADE shots. Had Olaseni dunked the ball instead of candy#%#*@# it up there, McCaffrey doesn't lose his mind. I think the officiating had little to do with the ejection...there were not that many bad calls to trigger a reaction like that. I think he had enough of watching these guys lose another lead, appear lost in the half court, miss open shots and clank free throws. In summary, the reason only Marble and White stepped up is because they are the only two guys on the team capable of stepping up. Our 3-11 guys would maybe 8 or 9 guys for another big ten except NW. I have had enough of our addiction to recruiting Iowa kids who never pan out....they are not Harrison Barnes or Marcus Paige. Fran and Co. need a reality check in the recruiting department. The team lacks mental toughness and it shows in every close loss when guys can't do simple things like make free throws.
  2. ssckelley

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    I will give you credit, at least you waited a couple of days. People that check your posting history will see that you post the same crap over and over.
  3. PCHawk

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    Thank god for northwestern or we would be in the basement this year. With any luck Nebraska will have a couple key players get injured so we can sneak into a 10th place finish.
  4. hawkforlife9

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    I thought Marble and White both stepped up. Gessel putting up rocks killed us.
  5. GVGiant44

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    It was several additional minutes after the "T's" and ejection before either of them started stepping up. As I have previously posted, during that time, I had to look on the court (more than once) to see if Marble was even out there, he had so totally disappeared.

    As for White, it's like a light finally went on inside of him, that he needs to start asking for the ball and then doing something about it. My only complaint with him is he seems way too willing to let the offense work around him when more of it needs to be going through him. Down the stretch against ISU, he was the only one not to even attempt a shot.

    As for Gesell, I like his tenacity. But one thing he probably won't do now is grow taller. He needs to think twice about constantly driving into the land of the giants. And for heavens sake, if he is going to draw a foul, he needs to be Mr. Automatic at the line.
  6. 1hawkeye1

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    "Stepping up" is more than just scoring points. It is gathering your teammates together, and saying, "Ok, coach is gone. But we got this. Everything is gonna be just fine. Take a deep breath, Run your sets, play D, we're gonna win this game." Basically being a leader. This team lacks that.
  7. volhawk50

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    You know you're a blabbering idiot when you try to blame the team's free throw shooting on the coach's recruiting.
  8. WindsorHawk

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    Oops! I opened the thread before noting it was a troll thread...nothing to add since I didn't read the troll's post.
  9. tednugentfan

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    A troll? So now I am a troll? I would wager I have been to more Iowa games in the last 3 years than you Windsor. In case you didn't notice, JM penned an article about Iowa not being able to close, which is the crux of my thread. The reason this team can't finish is because our talent is not very good. Oh it looks great against Southwest Alabama Technical College, but when we play athletic teams who defend, our lack of talent gets exposed. You can live in your fantasy world and believe this very mediocre group of role players is on the verge of something special, but big ten play will bring you crashing back to earth. Recruiting is a big problem for FM and if he doesn't figure out how to get a legit PG and scorer in here, it won't improve. For the guy who thought my comment about recruiting was connected to free throw shooting, just give it up. You are clueless. For those who posted intelligent comments (agree or disagree)...thank you for making valid points.
  10. tednugentfan

    tednugentfan Banned

    Great point. Who is grabbing guys by the jersey during timeouts and encouraging them? Thus the need for a Reggie, Cyrus Tate, Brunner, Horner, Oliver type guy.
  11. tednugentfan

    tednugentfan Banned

    Well, when the product on the court changes, so will my posts. I got shelled all summer for questioning recruiting, but how does that look now? Despite all we heard in the offseason about player improvement, it has not translated to the court. You can call me names, say I am full of crap, etc., but you can't dispute the facts. Instead of calling me names, tell me where I am wrong. Who is going to step up? Who has a high enough ceiling to significantly impact this team after Marble is gone? Which big ten team isn't going to smother Marble because they know we have no other shooters?
  12. ssckelley

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    Tell us something good about this team? Instead of pointing out every damn negative thing that YOU think is wrong with this team tell us what you like about it.

    You do that once in awhile instead of spewing negative crap on the football and basketball boards all the time then people may take you seriously. Ryno got the ax for starting another negative thread (btw, a post YOU agreed with) but once in a while he actually posted good opinions, I have looked at your profile and at all the recent posts in your history have been nothing but spewing negative crap on both the basketball team and football team. IMO, you should have gotten the ax way before Ryno should have.
  13. 2xer

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    If this were true, then the team wouldn't have the leads in the first place. Also what was the score at the end of the possession where Fran got the T? What was the final score?
  14. hawkfan33

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    No one. We don't have any of them Harrison Barnes juco types. We'll be lucky if we win another game after NW.
  15. AZmess

    AZmess Well-Known Member

    The scoring was even after the technical foul FT's were shot, were they not? I was just as p----d as everyone else after the game but the team battled. Could have just as easily caved and lost by 15.
  16. PCHawk

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    We lost to 3 top ten teams away from home. Other teams have the ability to make plays too. Iowa made quite a few plays down the stretch of our losses to put us in a position to win. The problem was that the other team also made plays to win. One possession isn't the difference between being awesome and being terrible.

    I have to ask, do you really not think the product on the floor has changed at all since Fran got here?
  17. lightning1

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    Interesting note: After Fran got ejected, 6 of the next 7 fouls were called on Wisconsin. According to the play-by-play.
  18. PCHawk

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    It would be hard for a ref to not question the job he was doing after an *** chewing like that.

    AZHAWKFAN1 Well-Known Member

    There once was a guy who gave us height, weight, 40 times, jumping ability,etc. I wish I could trade Ted for him!
  20. LASBUR

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    This is a interesting discussion to follow. The facts are we are losing big leads and only the players can change that. We do need a couple guys to step up and put the team on their back at the end. How many of these did we lose because of missed FT does anybody know ?