Who stepped up after the ejection? That is the real problem on this team.

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by tednugentfan, Jan 7, 2014.

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    The Villanova games stands out to me because Marble went 6-12 from the line, the worst I have ever seen him shoot. You beat Iowa State easily if you make those free throws down the stretch. But both games are not far off from the season averages so it is tough to put all the blame on missed free throws. The big mystery has been why are Gesell and Marble struggling so bad at the FT line. Last year both were ~80% and now both are in the 60s.
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    Your comment about free throws came at the end of a rant about recruiting. If the two were not related, I guess you typically write non sequiturs in your drivel. I'll have to look out for those in the future. The Iowa roster features two nationally top-75 ranked recruits, including one at the PG position, and the current talent level is far greater than it was when Fran got here, so you, the one ranting about Fran's failure in recruiting, are the one who is clueless. Everyone calls you a troll because you have actually never written a positive word on this forum about an Iowa team; if you are actually a fan as you claim, maybe you are the one who should just give it up, and find something you can enjoy. Or you can live in your fantasy world and believe this team is no better than Penn State, is no better than it was 4 years ago, while all experts, statistical measures, and everyone else continue to sing praises of Iowa basketball.

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    Its been driving me crazy as to why they are missing also. At first I thought it had to be lack of concentration. Now Im getting concerned it just getting in their heads. This whole end of game thing can spread if they get that here we go again feeling everytime a team goes on a run. Marble and White just have to be strong enough to get past this. We got a sweet team that could go a long way. Dont want to see it derailed
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    Don't have the answer to that. But the fact we are even discussing this (and with a lot of validity) is very troubling, especially on a team that, based on the individual parts, you would think would be very good on the free throw line.

    I've never understood this. Each of these guys had to have shot critical free throws in key games in noisy, opposing gyms even going back before high school. While other parts of the game change, the 15-foot, uncontested, have-ten-seconds-to-shoot-it free throw has not.

    And yet, after having a good game in Ames up to that point at the charity stripe, we go 1-for-6 down the stretch, including the missed front-end of two 1-and-1's.

    I have no solution, except to tell them that the missing stops now, period. Especially for a point guard like Gesell, and a super-shooter like Marble, there is no excuse for almost ever missing one.