Who was defending on Purdue's 3rd TD?

Discussion in 'Football' started by uihawk82, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. uihawk82

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    Ragumba gave was covering the 2nd TD in the first minute of the 2nd half.

    They brought in Ojemudia #11 and I thought he played the whole next Purdue series and was covering on the 3rd TD.

    Is that not correct? Jon Miller says in his instant reaction podcast that Hankins or whatever his name is was covering on the 3rd TD as they pulled Ojemudia after he gave up the first catch on the drive.

    I did not see that substitution so very curious if you can give me the answer.
  2. uihawk82

    uihawk82 Well-Known Member

    Yep, just watched the lowlights on YOu tube and it was hankins that got beat. Yikes, we had 3 of our corners get beat on those two drives. But I think they will be better going forward. Let's see if Manny is totally healthy next year and what he does.
  3. Caddy

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    Has Manny been nursing an injury or something all year? He's been bad all year, not just Saturday. Hankins had decent coverage on the TD pass, it was just a perfectly thrown ball by the Purdue QB.
  4. Stanzi

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    Hankins looked the best out of the 3. Ragumba looked dreadful in pretty much all respects.
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  5. hawkeyebob62

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    He did have decent coverage, but he SHOULD have hammered him right off the LOS. Notice that Jackson got right on him and Purdue never threw successfully to him after that.

    Not sure what Parker and D staff were thinking, but if you don't WANT to get abused, tight man coverage is the first option, with either safety help or serious blitzing from that receiver side of the line. I have NO idea what the safeties were doing. Or why they "weren't" doing it.
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  6. uihawk82

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    Remember that Manny was suspended, then worked his way back to starter, then yes he was injured and missed time. I think it was a leg or foot injury.

    I like what HawkeyeBob62 said about bumping the receivers more at the LOS as we just to not play that technique and give receivers a free release, which is crazy.
  7. uihawk82

    uihawk82 Well-Known Member

    Well Purdue was sending out 5 receivers on most plays and the safeties were probably trying the guard the middle of the field while the corners could use the sidelines.
  8. hawkeyebob62

    hawkeyebob62 Well-Known Member

    Which makes it even worse. The others didn't play him close and he STILL got behind them. (Although I think Manny did try and "creep" toward the LOS on the play where he gave up the PI, which in itself was a smart move.) A D coach--any one of them--should have signaled in to Jewell to give Manny/Ojemudia some help. Hankins just got beat by a perfectly thrown ball.

    Josh got in his grill right at the LOS. The guy didn't catch another pass.
  9. hawkeyebob62

    hawkeyebob62 Well-Known Member

    Some of the corners DO attack from the snap. Prater and Hyde both did. King didn't need to because he "read" so well, same with Spievey (who, IMO, was the best open-field tackler we had in a long time) as he was good at adjustment. Plus, King and Spievey were in run support.

    Frankly, if we are going to use LBs in coverage (which we must when teams run 5-wides), the LBs should use probable strength advantage to "chuck" their ace receiver off the line.
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  10. 99topdawg

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    If you go to Youtube and search "joshua jackson (Iowa)" you can find ~5 minute videos that have every play he plays in a game. I watched a few of those and saw how/why he really is so good and really made me appreciate how good he really is. You can certainly see how valuable he is in man vs. zone and is so good at passing off receivers and picking up new ones that come in his zone, which, if you've ever played or coached DB's, you know is a VERY tough thing to do at any level. I always think of how Iowa used DJK to get from one side of the field to the other a couple of times early in the Orange Bowl against Georgia Tech, when their CB's wouldn't stay in their zones. Here's an example of a video if anyone's interested:

  11. 99topdawg

    99topdawg Well-Known Member

    Also, if I'm allowed to post something positive this week:

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  12. HomerChampless

    HomerChampless Well-Known Member

    Jackson (and King), for examples, were/are standouts at corner for Iowa because they were/are freakishly, freakishly talented athletically. Prater and pre-2009, Godfrey, are other Iowa corners that come to mind who played corner in the pros. Spivey had a very short cup of coffee in the pros..as a corner.

    Maybe if Iowa's coaches who teach pass defense were to teach proper man-on-man technique, Iowa would have more corners in the pros and then maybe Iowa could recruit higher rated high school corners that would go to the pros as corners? Maybe current Iowa corners wouldn't look so out of place guarding their men in man-on-man pass situations if Iowa's defensive pass coaches taught proper man-on-man pass techniques?

    BTW if any Hawk fan wants Jackson to stick around one more year at Iowa, entice the Iowa coaching staff to teach proper man-on-man pass defending techniques and have Jackson 'refine' them so his draft stock can go even higher..and so, maybe, he will be drafted as a corner in the pros..
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  13. ArvadaHawk

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    and did you notice how many times MSU had their receivers run pass routes on running plays instead of blocking? making a db turn their back to the LOS is the same as blocking him. that's one of my biggest beefs with this staff; unless and until a wr can block like a fb, they don't see the field, when there are other ways to get the job done. If only you were to use a little creativity.
  14. uihawk82

    uihawk82 Well-Known Member

    Spivey was moved to safety for a few years in the pros ala Merton Hanks probably for several reasons, his size and he was a ball hawker. Teams come up with the shorter faster corners and can move the bigger athletes to safety.
  15. uihawk82

    uihawk82 Well-Known Member

    My problem with the defense against Purdue was having all three lbkrs in the game all the time, We should have had at least one dback in for Bower on many plays and the week before Purdue showed they passed 75% oIf the time.

    I cant understand why we let opponents scheme wide receivers and slot backs on our lbkrs play after play.
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  16. HomerChampless

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    I think Spivey lasted all of 3 years in the pros and all with the Lions. His high draft status allowed him a high draft contract and no one wanted to, IMO, 'experiment' with him with so much money on the line. He wasn't a good corner. Well, he was from Iowa during KF's reign so that was a given.
  17. HomerChampless

    HomerChampless Well-Known Member

    There are so many things to scratch one's head over the schemes at Iowa under KF.
  18. HawksMN

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    After so much head scratching, you move to the butt.
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  19. uihawk82

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    Best post since the end of the Purdue game. I will leave it at that.