Who wins the West this year?

Discussion in 'Football' started by Ian Pike Hammer, Apr 10, 2020.

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    Agree. It's Hayden's legacy of "Scratch where it itches" being passed down by Barry. It's one thing to know who you are, but being somewhat flexible doesn't mean you give up on your core principles. Loved the three QB sneaks in a row in the Holiday bowl. I thought that epitomized the principle. The frustrating thing is "Scratching where it doesn't itch" over and over trying to force something that isn't happening. Or having something that is working and not applying the principle (look at Toren Young's YPC stats).
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    Scept at Illinois against Pappa Smurf.
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    Just hoping there is a season....and Iowa needs it's fan's butts in the seats. A quiet Kinnick I would have a hard time dealing with.
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    MY response when I say this thread was RONA.