Who wins the west

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  1. Hawkcrush

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    I am going to go with Minny. I think they are actually a little bit more balanced on O,and make the needed plays on D. Max Williams will have a day, just as Duzey did. I hate to say this, but Kill is a damn good coach, and I think he might be able to capitalize on his success and lack of ours. If you look back 3 years you could see this building, and now they have a chance. Whoever wins the west, I want to see them destroy OSU. It looks either way here that it will be a good matchup in that either Wiscy or Minny will be able to control the ball and give themselves a chance in the B1G Championship game.
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    The biggest question mark I had with kill the past few years was whether or not he'd be able to remain on the field due to the seizures. He seems like a good coach, glad he seems to have them under control.
  3. MelroseHawkins

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    At first my gut said Wisky since they are in Camp Randall. But, Minny does have a nice TE to go along with the running game & Jerry Kill has some tremendous pre-game speeches. He blew me away when they showed his speech prior to the Iowa game. I came away thinking, geez now wonder they beat us.

    I don't think Wisky's D is as good as they've been advertised only secondary to the teams that they have played. I think the ball can be moved on them, and passed on them. Gut says Wisky but my head says Minny. I'm going with Minny for an upset.
  4. MrEHawk

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    The team that Melvin Gordon plays for.
  5. JHHawk

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    I presume that Cobb will not play, after the way that hammy seized up last week. Minny has decent depth at rb, so not the end of the deal for them, but I think at CR, Wisky will give them too much Gordon.
    Leidner lit up Iowa passing, and is in a bit of a groove, but I do not think he can go airborne like Iowa and Jake did in the second half to test Wisky's back 4. Wisky stops the run well...as we saw, so I think they take this one.

    Sorry, but I want OSU to roll on Wisky and make the playoff. Being the only power 5 league left out would be embarrassing in this first edition of playoff.....at least make it in, play Bama, and show up, so the Big Ten restores a little pride.
  6. Churlish79

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    Wisconsin. Pretty easily too.
  7. MelroseHawkins

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    I agree about OSU needing Wisky to win. This conference needs to find a way to get some pub back.
  8. PCHawk

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    Yea right OSU could lose to Bama on a hail mary and Espn will still talk about how bad the big 10 is.
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  10. SpecialKHawk

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    No doubt! I would just assume E-SEC-PN award Bama with the playoff trophy right now. Then the other 4 power 5 conferences participate in the actual playoff.

    I like what Minny has done but I see Wisky winning at home and OSU winning in the title game.
  11. MelroseHawkins

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    Yep, also when the BIG has a game with a score of 17 -13, it's a slow, plodding, offensive challenged and boring game. Three feet and a yard of dust.

    When the SEC has a 17-13 game, it a defensive masterpiece by both teams. No better defenses in the college game than the SEC.

    Euck FSPN!!
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  12. ChosenChildren

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    Wisconsin will win because I think Minny is playing without Cobb, who blew a hammie
  13. Churlish79

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    I'd also like to add that Minnesota is still recruiting pretty poorly. If you think Iowa has trouble maintaining with our recruiting, then you couldn't possibly think Minn could maintain success at a significantly worse level moving forward.
  14. SpecialKHawk

    SpecialKHawk Well-Known Member

    What I have noticed most about Minny is not great talent but toughness. The toughness gap between us and them was very evident in the beat down we received. Watching them reminded me of what we used to be and strive for.
  15. MelroseHawkins

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    In Kills pregame speech before Iowa I can't count how many times he said, "You leave it all out on the field, all out there. You don't come back in this locker room with anything left." I felt like going to battle for this guy from my living room listening to him. He has a way of getting the most out of his players, which is what teams like, Minny, Iowa, and Northwestern have to do.
  16. loesshillshawk

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    Wisconsin and it will not even be close. 34-10
  17. ihawkeye

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  18. Camhawk

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    Wisky's big front and Gordon running around/thru/over it... Wisky keeps it close with O$U.
  19. HawkPrdatr40

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    Wisconsin by 3 Touchdowns or more
  20. HawksMN

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    Roughly this. OP you are illusional, thinking Minney is 'balanced'. Leidner is terrible, an overgrown fullback who's best play is run it up the middle. WI has a decent run D. WI is weaker in pass D but MN has no pass game. On WI, roll Gordon.