Wisconsin's Starting QB is ...

Discussion in 'Football' started by Hawk1960, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. Hawk1960

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  2. jsmith337

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    From the article: "That could keep the Tigers off- balance early on, and then maybe Stave could come in to hold on to/build a lead in Wisconsin's highest-profile game of the season."

    Hahaha, wishful thinking against that defense.
  3. BergHawk7

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    This worries me because he is a runner and could add that same element they had when Russel Wilson played.
  4. kmurp

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    I doi he's remotely close to Wilson on passing ability.
  5. eveningnewsteam

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    Good lord this isn't Russel Wilson. GA slowly making Wisconsin a zone read spread team. Basically trying to get away from everything that made Wisconsin relevant. Should be interesting.
  6. MoseSchrute

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    A dumb move if true.
  7. WinOneThisCentury

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    If they are one dimensional against LSU, they will get beat. McEvoy better be accurate and move the chains or it could get ugly for Wisky. I expect LSU to stop the run...they simply reload in the Bayou with big athletes...and the mad hatter gets them ready to play big games.
  8. Hawk1960

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    Agree. I still would like Bucky to knock LSU off though. Anytime an SEC team loses to a B1G team it's a good thing.
  9. Hawknick

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    It does not matter they are all bad the entire team is bad. gers.
  10. JHHawk

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    This is Andersen's preferred system, and he is transitioning to it over time. Gitlins is the QB of the future probably, and he is definitely run-first QB....If they win, nobody will squawk in cheese-land, but if they drop off...he is open to critics.
  11. NCHawker

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    The first thing I reflected on, after watching that story on BTN, was how KF would never do that. He will stay with the guy who will make fewer mistakes in the short term than the guy who can make plays and win with in the longer term.

    I was hoping Bethard would get his shot and earn the nod thus gaining valuable playing time during OOC so that he can learn the game for the big ten season.
  12. HawkeyeDenis

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    I think this is pointing to a dissatisfaction with the passing game. Not that I think that much of the reports from BTN but they mentioned that also. If this goes back and forth into conference play this could be a bad thing for Wisconsin. However, I expect that they will have it all ironed out by the time they come to Kinnick.
  13. HawksRule98

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    This is such a flawed line of thinking. Wisconsin is a peer school that we compete with directly for recruits and coverage. Anything good for them is bad for Iowa, and vice versa. I am sick and tired of this small-minded school of thought that says any amount of success for any B1G team is somehow good for Iowa. In some cases, yes, but in this specific example, absolutely not.