Wiznitzer goes to Louisville

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by hawkeyesgonewild, Jun 23, 2020.

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    Not good now what help Rob
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    The money was too good to pass up.
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    He also reclassified to '20 class from what I read, so he's going to be a freshman this fall.
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    Lotta fish in the sea lads
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    Something smells here given the recent comments he made after the Iowa offer. Odd he doesn’t even list Louisville.

    “I have spoken to coach (Sherman) Dillard and coach (Fran) McCaffery. I plan on building a strong relationship with them. I really like the tempo that they play at and how much of an emphasis the big is in their offense,” Wiznitzer said.

    “I will definitely try to get up there once everything settles down. I would like to meet the rest of the coaching staff and just see the campus itself.”

    Wiznitzer said Xavier, Providence, Iona, DePaul, Ohio State, Georgetown, Cincinnati, Ole Miss and some other programs are standing out to him right now.
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    Big d it is money and strippers that brought him to cardinals
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    Rather difficult to cast blame on the Lad
    After all, he will be able to haul the strippers to his Penthouse
    In his Escalade tipping them extremely generously from his unlimited credit card.....
    It's All Good
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    He reclassified to 2020. We really didn't have a spot for him. We are in on a lot of great HS players this year. Hopefully the staff can convince one or two to wear the Black and Gold.
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