Woodbury plans to play locally, even if he lands on USA team

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by SheagleHawk, May 31, 2012.

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    Love his quote at the end of the article. I don't think that we'll improve more than seven wins this year, but three or four would be very nice.
  3. woodbury is gonna be a beast! Can't teach height
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    Another thing you can't teach is confidence. Most bigs coming out of high school are lacking it, and it shows in everything they do. This is what makes Adam Woodbury seem so special; he doesn't just have a little confidence (again, nothing to sneeze at for a 7'1" 18-year-old), he seems supremely confident.

    I'm not saying that he'll be the best college center I've ever seen, but I can say this: he has more swagger than any high school center I can remember.
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    That's not even remotely true.

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    Well, it's obviously 100% subjective, Champ. My point is that I think Adam is confident and it makes me happy.
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    I think he might account for three more wins. All the new people and the improvement of other players could add up to seven more wins. It might not be likely but it's certainly possible.
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    Maybe in Dayton you can interpret "Most bigs...are lacking it, and it shows in everything they do" into "obviously 100% subjective", but not here in civilized society.
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    Confident? Cocky? or stuck-up? Let's hope it's simply confidence. Nothing wrong with that. But with all the attention this kid gets, one has to wonder.
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    I won't dispute that it's possible, but everything is a matter of marginal improvement. I think the improvement needed to go from 11 to 18 is in the fleshier part of a team's learning curve than the improvement from 18 to 25 is. We certainly had seven more games we could have won last year (Campbell, @PSU, Neb, Purdue, NW, @ILL, @UNI), but the 'baseline' to improve from includes sweeps of Wisconsin and Minnesota, and wins over Michigan and Indiana. I guarantee you their fans are chalking us up as games they're going to win this year that they didn't last year. I hope we beat them again, but to bag the seven games above and hang on to all of those is a bit much to ask.

    We'll start pushing 25 wins once we can at least compete with OSU and MSU, which is still a year or two away possibly. This year, I'm hopeful for roughly a 19-12 regular season and some genuine bubble talk.