woody sap gez: 2 for 20

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Niemo, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. Niemo

    Niemo Well-Known Member

    All mental. Awful.
  2. Bigtenchamp

    Bigtenchamp Well-Known Member

    That is why our team isn't any good. Can't have so many bad offensive players in a starting line up.

    BLKNGOLD48 Well-Known Member

    Don't short change them, they also had 9 turnovers.
  4. spliff45

    spliff45 Well-Known Member

    You're being kind to the word awful...
  5. SteveGarvey

    SteveGarvey Well-Known Member

    At least they get another chance to go out better than that....
  6. mopkins

    mopkins King Kong

    I am done with Gesell. I am so sick of him dribbling the ball up top and not doing a friggin thing for 15 seconds before halftime and then putting up a garbage shot or turning it over. Why not let Uthoff do that? At least he has range and height and can get a decent shot off. I dont see the point of letting Gesell handle the ball in crunch time

    Woody can't make layups. I dont know what happen to woody since that Tennessee play in game where he was unstoppable against 2 great big men on the volunteers but he has no offense.
  7. MelroseHawkins

    MelroseHawkins Well-Known Member

    Awful. Missed bunnies by both. Woody get his shot blocked by a 6' 2" guard.
  8. HawkeyeWalker

    HawkeyeWalker Well-Known Member

    Maybe, but these guys have all had good/great games this year, and them all having their worst game of the year at once was just strange.
  9. Bigtenchamp

    Bigtenchamp Well-Known Member

    They have been struggling for awhile.

    Gessel has had like one good scoring game in the last 15.

    It's not random... they aren't offensive players. Yeah every now and then they will have a good game... but the law of averages take over.

    We were great early in the year because guys coming of hte bench were canning 3's... thats not happening as much anymore.
  10. SheagleHawk

    SheagleHawk Well-Known Member

    No. They're just not very good basketball players. They've been the same players for 4 years now. Only 1 more game.
  11. HawkeyeWalker

    HawkeyeWalker Well-Known Member

    I get your frustration, and share it. But has anyone considered that Gessell won't miss us either, by us I mean the message board critics...I'm positive he'll miss his team, being a Hawkeye, and the fans.
  12. 1hawkeye1

    1hawkeye1 Well-Known Member

    And yet the game announcers couldn't quit gushing over how awesome Woody and Gesell are.

    Yes, they can do some good things. but both are EXTREMELY limited offensively.
  13. Niemo

    Niemo Well-Known Member

    and its the way they're missing...not even close. Clanking FTs, airballs, turnovers. 1000% mental. Playing with one hand on the throat.

    Guessing Fran went nuts on them two years ago when they collapsed so perhaps he's trying the opposite this year?? Trusting in them? Being confident? Not yelling to not shatter their ego??

    Soft and weak. Sucks to watch. Sucks to see Soft and Weak represent your alma mater.
  14. WestCoastHawk

    WestCoastHawk Well-Known Member

    Woodbury bricking good looks and missing layups, Gessel dribbling around then turning it over, and Sapp's guys shooting wide open 3s is ridiculous
  15. PCHawk

    PCHawk Well-Known Member

    One guy said the reason iowa was in it was Gesell's 5 assists and 0 turnovers. Uthoff and Jok kill it and the rest of the team sucks but a guy with 5 assists is the reason we're in it. Lol.
  16. HawkeyeWalker

    HawkeyeWalker Well-Known Member

    If only someone could have predicted this team wasn't as good as we all thought. Could have saved us all this heartache. :cool:
  17. DJL

    DJL Well-Known Member

    The thing is, every team knows how to beat us now. Just make the MG or AC shoot from the outside, and sag way off of woody. There was one time late in the game where Woody caught it at the free throw line and all defenders ran away from him to cover everyone else up. He took another horrible looking shot. That's smart. Their coach knows how to adjust. Ours either doesn't or just doesn't have the guys to overcome that kind of offensive suckiness. I mean seriously if we can't but a group in there that can't do any better than those 3 today, Fran's hands are tied.
  18. HawkeyeWalker

    HawkeyeWalker Well-Known Member

    There is some talent on the bench, but it's inconsistent talent that needs more time, unfortunately you can't get them experience in games when they're playing poorly.

    3 starters went 2-20 shooting. In game coaching can't help that much, especially when your bench has been well below average in the last month.
  19. 1977Hawkeye

    1977Hawkeye Well-Known Member

    Lots of places I could look in this game.

    Make a freaking layup (I counted at least 5 missed bunnies - that's 10 points).

    Yeah, just about everyone but Uthoff & Jok were horrible.

    Oh, and you might try guarding the 3 point shot for once. Wide open 3's all game long, and natch, ILL makes nearly all of them.
  20. DJL

    DJL Well-Known Member

    I think you have to give Baer a little credit but the rest were awful. What is up with Uhl? I thought he was going to be good. Now he's a mess.