Would this give DJ Harvey pause?

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Zstatman, Jun 6, 2019.

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    Well, they have 2 other PFs signed in this class so I'm not sure it hurts the program all that much. Kind of an odd path to take for just a 3 star player. It's not like he's considered a NBA prospect that knows he'll be drafted next year. That said I respect his decision if he just wants to ball and not dabble with useless classes knowing he has dad's money and connections to fall back on.

    To try and address your question about Harvey, maybe, who knows what his deciding factors were. I can't remember the exact timeline, but I think he knew Moss was leaving before he made his decision to go to Vanderbilt.
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    It will be interesting to see if Martin chooses Australia. There was a kid in the last couple weeks that said he is forgoing college and will play in the Aussie pro league. Emmanuel Mudiay did that a couple years ago and he's now playing for the NY Knicks.

    Madiay is an interesting story. Born in Congo the rebels came and murdered his father and his mother fled that night with all the kids and they ended up living in a refugee camp for several years before finally being allowed to immigrate to the US. Madiay played his HS ball in the Dallas area.

    In Kevin Warren's introductory news conference he brought up whether high schoolers are student-athletes, athlete-students, or just plain athlete-athletes. These kids going pro rather than to college are clearly in the last category.

    The Aussie pro league seems to be an up and coming league. I found the below article and it says young American players can make 60k-100k out of the gate plus the locals speak English. We may see more of this.

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    Could be interesting to follow but the Martin kid is nowhere close to being as highly rated as Mudiay or RJ Hampton (the kid you are thinking of). Both Mudiay and Hampton were 5 star recruits and projected lottery picks. Martin was ranked in the 200 range and hasn't sniffed any draft boards.

    That said, I have no clue what level of talent the NBL teams have but I'd guess they are a more premier league than the Martin kid could get into at this point. He doesn't have the appeal Hampton and Mudiay have/had.
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    Andrew Bogut played in the NBL this past season and when Cousins got hurt the Warriors signed Bogut for the rest of the year.

    NBL teams are plying NBA teams in preseason on a regular basis now. The NBL seems bent on being the best league it can be with the rise of popularity of Asian basketball.
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    Melo Trimble plays in the NBL as well.
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