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    This is as much fun as I've had watching a non-Hawkeye NCAA tourney. I'd love to spend a month going to all the games. In that light, which would you rather attend?
    CBB- The three weekends of NCAA bball tournament (including the finals)
    MLB- AL or NL playoffs plus the World Series
    NFL- AFC or NFC playoffs plus the Super Bowl
    An Olympics
    Everything else in sports combined that can be compressed into a reasonable three week period
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  2. Fryowa

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    MLB because I’m a baseball guy and I have baseball related memories with my deceased dad, but other than that it’s be CBB.

    There’s nothing that compares to the hype and the tournament games rarely, if ever don’t live up to it.

    NFL is total crap in my opinion, and college football is much more fun to watch both in person and on tv. Which is why I wish they’d go to an 8 team playoff in the NCAA.

    The one caveat I’d mention is that it’s getting to be as expensive as going to NFL playoff games. A buddy of mine is a lifelong, diehard Duke fan, and he paid $1,500 a piece for Midwest regional tickets for him, his wife, and their 4th grader. And this is a guy who I know for a fact doesn’t make $45,000 between him and his wife (she only works a a few hours part time and stays home with the kid for now). I told him it’s nuts to spend that much but hey, it’s his team and he’s never seen them before now. My priorities aren’t the same as his and that’s cool.
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    Great question!

    I'd love to attend MLB, NFL, and the NCAA's (hate the olympics).

    I love the NCAA tournament, but attending it would mean I'd miss so many other games, so I reluctantly crossed that off. If they could somehow schedule games so I could attend all of them, well, I couldn't sit through that many.

    I'm a baseball guy through and through, but I love watching games on TV, because I think I can see more (pitch location, replays, etc.) but I have a real tough time crossing that one off, but I have to.

    I guess I'd pick the NFL, because I can see more and I love attending football games. I enjoy watching all 22 players, watching plays develop in person, while on TV, you only get to see the ball and the LOS.
  4. hawkeyebob62

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    Olympic Track & Field would be awesome. Not much else excites me, though, beyond alpine skiing and hockey. It certainly would have been cool to see Eric Heiden sweep all the speedskating gold medals in 1980, but even that sport is being bastardized with short-track.

    I think going to college b-ball conference tournament and every NCAA round would be awesome. But, the be-all/end-all would be seeing both rounds of CFP, especially if it featured the Hawkeyes!
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    What a great thread. NCAA Bball tourney would be great and tons of hot cheerleaders and pom pom ladies, yeah I am being a pig in that comment but they just showed some of them on TV. All these would be awesome. I agree that attending all the Olympics Track and Field lets say would be awesome. NFL, not so much now with all the penalties per game. MLB world series every game, awesome. NBA, couldnt pay me to go to those games.

    At this time of year I would go with Masters weekend, NHL Cup finals which would have to be awesome especially if your team was in it, then finish with US Open golf weekend.
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  7. judzeehawk

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    I take it you've never watched Curling. :( Lol I would like MLB, WNCAAB, NFL only if the Steelers were in it, Olympics and Para Olympics and CFB. World Series with the Cubs would be the ultimate for me unless a Hawkeye team was playing for a National Championship! Always wanted to go to the Daytona 500. Bought a ticket in 1989 and had to sell it because of circumstances. Never have got there. Have been to the World 100 a couple of times. That was fun!
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  8. Xerxes

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    25 years ago I would have said NCAA tournament without hesitation. In the 80s and early 90s college basketball had stars and teams were just on another level athletically than they are now because all the best players leave after one year and are often never great in college.

    Now I would say college football semifinals and championship game would be first even though it’s only 3 games and my second choice would be the nfl playoffs
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    Yeah no doubt I'm right there with you on that era of college hoops... The best players now don't stay long enough to for TEAMS to develop. The big schools are in constant role over mode. It's why a Loyola can do what they've done. Think about it if KY, Duke, UNC, KS schools like that had all their kids see their senior years... If anything the one and done thing kinda levels the playing field more for those that do have older groups.
  10. 99topdawg

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    To me, curling is like those bands and movies that people swear are the best, but I just don't get it. It's probably just me.
  11. 99topdawg

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    I'd like to be getting a little tuna myself!
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    Is that a new Chinese word? OMG, can you buy me a new cochlear implant? As I read it and it blews up my cochlear implants.
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  13. 99topdawg

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    Yes, but it's sideways.
  14. atomicblue224

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    I love to go to and watch Observed trials and watch guys overcoming the obstacles with his motorcycles. I'll just get on my motorcycle and ride to every section and watch world top riders doing an amazing stuff that is just unbelievable and amazing and also entertaining. I'll go to World Championship.
  15. revkev73

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    NHL...Playoffs, especially Stanley Cup finals...no sport better in person.

    Have seen many MLB games, had a batting practice homerun from Old Busch Stadium in St. Louis, 1974...from Bobby Bonds!

    Have been to a Packers home game. Tuned out of NFL... Disrespect flag...don't care anymore...done.

    Went to a U.S. Golf Open...southern Chicago, 2013? Had a ticket for all days, could only make one. Wouldn't do it again, nice to do once. Very impressive.

    Have seen many NBA Bucks games...past, present...Brian Winters, Dave Meyers..Greek Freak.

    Saw a Midwest Regional in St. Louis, 1984?...with Hakeem the Dream winning the regional...UNLV, Wake Forest, forget other one.

    NHL best in person...IMHO Have seen several Vegas games...saw STL Blues vs Penguins in STL...two overtimes? 1984? Playoff? Sioux City Musketeers. Milwaukee Admirals....all great fun.

    Going to a Vegas Golden Knights game Wednesday night with my wife...surprisingly, she loves it, not a sports person either.

    I did drive into Augusta while I was serving in the Army at Ft. Gorden, cool place, they politely kicked me out...but did allow me there for a time...patriotic staff perhaps.

    Have seen Iowa play FB in Madison and IC...those are great. I did see Iowa play at Wisconsin in BB at the old Fieldhouse? It was the same night as the invasion of Iraq...protesters tried to break into the game, banging on the doors...covered on ESPN, live....pretty loud, wild, they were beaten back...dispersed before entrance.
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  17. judzeehawk

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    Lol 2 funny!
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    No doubt. If guys did stick around 3-4 years college basketball would like similar to the women's game where you have UConn who dominates every year and separation between the elites and good teams would be very big. Now I don't think a single men's program would dominate like UConn's women's team has it would probably be a split dynasty between Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, and maybe Arizona. Those programs seem to lose the most kids on a yearly basis at least lately. Those programs would be off the charts if the 1980s way was still in.
  19. mopkins

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    For starters, I'd go wherever Allie LaForce told me to go.

    IMO It would be hard to choose the NCAA option because it has so many different sites that first and second weekend. The first weekend has 8 sites so you'd miss 7/8ths of the games. You'd miss a whole lot of the upsets and crazy plays. To me the drama is in watching all of them unfold live....on tv
  20. Hawkfnntn

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    Has a any woman ball player left college early to go to the WNBA? I doubt it but I'm totally oblivious to the womans game for the most part so I just don't know that. What I do know is just what you said about UConn is the closest thing to a modern day UCLA from the 60s/70s. The $ for WNBA can't be worth it to leave early I'd imagine. They may as well stick around and get their degrees.

    To me us Iowa fans should be even more frustrated for the lack of success we've had because the 1 and done rule is in our favor at keeping parody going. The gap between the top 10ish programs and the rest would be a lot larger if their stud players stayed longer.