Writing on the wall for Oliver?

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    Saw this story today of a guy at Cinn whose immediate playing request was denied by the ncaa. Just gives me a bad feel for Oliver. If you've been paying any attention for the past 6 months pretty much everybody and their bruthas requests have been fine according to the NCAA. Maryland has 4-5 pretty impactful players that will be starting for them this year that had their immediate play requests approved in the last 12 months. Pretty ridiculous that this guy has what seems like a semi-valid argument compared to the ones at Maryland and elsewhere, but his was denied. Further proof that there seems to be no rhyme or reason other than does the ncaa like you, as a reason for guys getting their immediate play request approved. Stupid.
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    All this means if Martin and the Iowa coaches were trying to make up some b.s. excuse why Martin should get a waiver, Harbaugh was not going to play along. Harbaugh is only going to tell the truth.

    Which is ok, because I am sure that Martin or the Iowa coaches are not making stuff up just to get a waiver.
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    Right, because Harbaugh definitely wasn't intentionally lying about Oliver Martin being at the top of the depth chart and being shocked at his departure at Big Ten media days to try to sway the NCAA. Nope, that's totally below the almighty and righteous James Joseph Earl Bruce Harbaugh III.
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    I heard from a guy who saw some Michigan practices that Martin was the best receiver Michigan ever had. Better than guys like AC, Desmond Howard, Braylon Edwards and Steve Breaston.
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    Virtually nobody had him on the two deeps. Every Michigan prognosticator that I've seen had him anywhere from 3-5, definitely not 1 or 2. You'd think that if he had that kind of natural talent (Best Michigan WR ever territory) he would have been a starter last year. Yet from the way Harbaugh talked about him that might be the case. He certainly never glowed about him like that before his eligibility for another team was in question though.
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    I've never heard of playing time being a good reason for getting an eligibility waiver.
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    Who's making that case?
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    People have introduced it into the thread...inferring that it's part of the waiver discussion...which is should not be. but the NCAA...who knows. It's perplexing how they seem to ignore one of the fundamental things all teams/players/coaches ask for. Call 'em the way you're gonna call 'em...JUST BE CONSISTENT.
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    Bear in mind, the Cincy coach, Luke Fickell, coached at O$U, including a year as interim HC between Tressel & Meyer. Harbaugh probably got a loud, clear message that THIS particular waiver better NOT go through.
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    A coordinator and scheme change could affect playing time, yes, but that is a result of the coordinator and scheme changing. You seem to have a weird twist on post hoc ergo propter hoc going on here. Waivers have been granted based on this. The issue of playing time is clearly untenable on it's own, which is why it is not being used. 95% of the time the line one issue leading to a transfer is obviously playing time. That does not exclude other additional, and valid, reasons for seeking a waiver.
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    What twist? I just noted that it had been introduced into the thread discussing the transfer eligibility process.
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    I'm not accusing you of some sort of a twist, I'm say that @PCHawk placing the onus on playing time in this situation was a twist on a well-known logical fallacy. Pretend I never said anything.
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    I imagine Oliver's lawyer(s) made a detailed list of prior NCAA approvals that closely relate to Oliver's situation. If he's denied, I hope the Olivers sue the shit out of the NCAA and win.
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    fuck 'em
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    No worries, man. It is a mystery...what kind of algorithm Do they use?! (am I giving them too much credit?) I certainly have no idea.
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    They are consistent.

    In their inconsistency.
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    NCAA .....[​IMG]
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    An algorithm is too complex for the NCAA.

    Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 8.39.47 PM.png
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